Click on the Issue No. to purchase the comics from Online Store. Not all GENL- , BHOKAL TILISM MEIN, , 10, GENL Bhokal. Real Name: Alop. Identity/Class: Angel. Occupation: Defender of Vikasnagar. Affiliations: First Appearance: Khoufknak Khel (Raj Comics, ). Raj Comics Superheroes: Anthony (Comics), Bheriya, Bhokal, Doga (Comics), Fighter Toads, Gojo (Comics), Inspector Steel, Nagraj, Parmanu, Shak. 67 likes.

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Inspector Steel – Wikipedia

Nagraj succeeded in his task, but upon confrontation with Gorakhnath, Gorakhnath read his mind and discovered that Professor Nagmani had implanted a mind control device in the form of a capsule in Nagrajs head, to keep him under his control. The character, created by writer and illustrator Anupam Sinha in the yearfirst appeared in GENL 74 Pratishodh Ki Jwala published in and since then has appeared regularly in many issues published by Raj Comics.

Kali is the destroyer of demons and the last word in woman-power and she has a raging desire to get justice for women in this mans world. Fictional Indian people Indian comics Raj Comics superheroes.

Forum by Raj Comics Raj Comics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although considered hotheaded and arrogant, she is gracious enough to love in peoples hearts for one another. His physical prowess is a result of extremely rigorous workouts in gym and he has even fought Kobi, a wolf-like superhero, who is much taller and stronger than him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is one of Raj Comics most successful characters, over the years, Dhruva has acquired an iconic status in the Indian comic book superhero genre.

Gamraj is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.

Another good example under this definition of dark fantasy is Michael Moorcocks saga of the albino swordsman Elric. Shakti comics — Shakti is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.


And story also takes place in the present Rc universe. He acquires super-human physical attributes, apart from receiving the mystical Sword and Shield of his master. Inspector Steel is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics. His wrist co,ics can fire atomic bolts as well and reel rraj atomic rope and his belt contains many gadgets which help him to teleport, atomize, and reduce his size to any desired level.

He is the founder of a fictional government approved crime fighter organisation Commando Force. Normal bullets and bombs can not harm him. Grant is often cited as having coined the term dark fantasy, Grant defined his brand of dark fantasy as a type of horror story in which humanity is threatened rau forces beyond human understanding. A former member of the gym, Killota, set up his own place, Suraj was the only survivor of a carnage perpetrated by hired goons.

The Shield is capable of blocking any physical or supernatural attack and also allows its wielder to fly via the Shield. Chanda is the host for the spirit of Shakti, Chanda was an ordinary housewife, until one day she discovered that her husband had been killing her daughters. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Nagraj was originally conceived as an enemy of international terrorism, interestingly, in his debut issue, Nagraj was unleashed as an international terror weapon by the evil scientist Professor Nagmani.

Bhokal comics collection

His comics feature real life like stories usually inspired from true events giving his comics a realistic world far from science fiction making him popular among mature readers. He found the weapon, a revolver, and discovered that the killer was the head of police himself. He descended to earth to take part in a fighting tournament and landed in Vikasnagar, comice a zealous defender of the people of Vikasnagar. Eventually Bhokal kills Fuchang, one of his main rivals.

Raj Comics is an Indian comic book publisher. Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Verma, were the surviving members of his family. Inspector Amar lost some major parts of his body after an bhpkal.


Here is the list of Bhokal’s major enemies:. Shankalu, Friend and a guy who doubts everything, the pint size is married to a battletank of a woman and has a dozen noisy kids.

Vinays parents, along with most of his family, were killed during the hunt for the criminal and his brother, Vijay, and his uncle, Prof K. Bhokal as in “Guru Bhokal” series. Real name Rajkumar Alop Prince AlopBhokal appeared first in a seven comic series along with his friends Tureen with whom he falls in loveShootan and Atikrur.

Inspector Steel is composed of armor plating, ICs, chips, various weapon systems, and electronic wizardry. After that Pratap Mullick illustrated the character for around 50 issues, sincethe illustration work of Nagraj has been taken over by artist and writer Anupam Sinha.

In a more general sense, dark fantasy is used as a synonym for supernatural horror. He is the strongest superhero, if special powers arent considered, the name Doga is a derivative of dog, a creature which is extremely brave. This article about a comics character is a stub. Additionally, other authors, critics, and publishers have adopted dark fantasy to describe various other works, however, these stories rarely share universal similarities beyond supernatural occurrences and a dark, often brooding, tone.

Brian Stableford argues dark fantasy can be defined as subgenre of stories that attempt to incorporate elements of horror fiction into the standard formulae of fantasy stories. He pays it with a bang on the head of the bill presenter with his own steely head. And story also takes place in the present Rc universe. A strict definition for dark fantasy is difficult to pin down, gertrude Barrows Bennett has been called the woman who invented dark fantasy.

Nagpasha was the brother of the King Takshakraj.