Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by Jaswant Singh, a former Finance Minister of India and an External Affairs Minister, on Pakistan’s. Excerpts from Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh, the veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader whose views on the. In an interview on the eve of the launch of his book on Jinnah, Singh took a divergent stand from the Sangh as well as popular Indian.

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Return to Book Page. Jinnah, though flawed in some important issues, should always be r Its a good book,certainly not in the ‘great’ category,but good and to the point. Jul 29, Rahul Khanna rated it it was ok Shelves: Of course when Jaswant Singh, who belonged to the BJP party an anti-Pakistan, staunch Hindu political partywrote about Jinnah he got everyone’s intrigue.

What I found intresting is the detail Jaswant went on explaining the relationship between the trio – Jinnah Gandhi and Nehru. Within a few pages. In the next chapter, it moves from Jinnah’s birth to his disputes in Congress and with Tilak. Gives details on how lopsided were discussions on even dramatic decisions like dividing country. This book also brings to light the oft forgotten political face and shrewd mind of Gandhi. But if you put the matter on the grounds of political necessity, I am ready to discuss it in a co-operative spirit.

Those burning ‘whys’ of the last sixty-two years, which bedevil us still. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Singh does a fantastic job of personifying Jinnah – who to this day remains something of an enigma to jn people. He has served seven terms in Parliament, and, in the BJP-led governments of andheld charge of six ministries of the Government of India, inclu http: The book is meticulously researched, balanced and well written.

Jaswnat authors vilify Jinnah; John Keay just reports the event and has no opinion; Dominique Lappierre eulogies Mountbatten; but I think Jaswant Singh has hit it on the nail when he tries to analyze the events that occured, and correctly indentifies the reasons behind Partition and the role played by each of the parties; Congress for pushing Jinnah away and pinning him in a corner from where Pakistan was the only option, Jinnah for demanding Pakistan as a negotiating tactic to gain more representation and voice in an Indian government and then not knowing what to do once his wish came true and finally on the British for widening the rift between the two communities for their own narrow gains and the haphazard manner in which it was finally executed.


Also what now of Pakistan? Where is it headed?

BJP expels Jaswant Singh over praise for Jinnah in his book

One thing Singg learned from this book is that only scholarship or detailed knowledge can never make a good book if writing style is bland. The dimensions of human misery The author rather portrays a civil image of the person and comfortably omits the fact that this idiot called jinnhaha took money from the Balochs to fight their case for independence and later on when he became the governor general of porkistan, attacked balochistan and acceded it forcefully to the state of porkistan.

For instance, he insisted on equal numerical representation for the League in the provincial government planned and also demanded that the Congress should not nominate any Muslim, as he was the primary spokesperson for Muslims jadwant India. Politics has not changed much since.

To see sinfh your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jinnah has been a major inspiration in my life and is one person I absolutely love knowing more about. Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of minnah transition. Jinnah died too soon after the formation of Pakistan, leading to a nation devoid of a soul which it was only just forming where minorities face an uncertain future in the face of rising religious extremism. Though the book attempts to analyze events leading to the partition, Singh delves into a series of contentious issues.

In the early chapter the writer establishes hook differences between the two nations which later on became the base of partition. Taste jaswamt own bitter fruit when you yourself planted the seeds! Share this on WhatsApp. But as i started i was in for the ultimate treat considering the few and far efforts in recent times by men in power corridors.


An absolute treat for the students of Indo-Pak history. A hurt Jinnah gradually consolidated Muslim support and emerged as the primary spokesperson.

Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence

When this book was published, it created a massive controversy for Jaswant Singh, when the BJP leadership immediately sidelined him for writing a book assumed to glorify Jinnah. Commissioned in the Indian Army when barely nineteen, he went through two wars whilst in service and before resigning his commission to pursue a political career.

Right till the end, Jinnah leaves the definition of Pakistan open. India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Jaswannt. The book is more about India’s partition than about Jinnah. The portions where Mahatma Gandhi questions him about what will happen to minorities in the new nation of Pakistan, leads Jinnah to claim that they will be taken care of.

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Jan 12, Bulbul rated it did not like it. This is such a tedious book.

This is an extremely good book. The basic and structured fault in Jinnah’s notion remains a rejection of his origins, being an Indian.

Of course there is lot to the misery and mystery that will probably remain.

OPINION: Jaswant Singh`s Jinnah –

The title of the book I suppose conveyed the impression it did. Pretty much everything I have studied on indo-pak partition is present in this book. Jinnah has forever been painted as the villain of India’s partition inthe man who stabbed the Indians in the back and walked away with a fifth of the ancient country’s landmass.

Author writes about history pn Muslims and India in brief and about birth and childhood of Jinnah in few pages. Jul 20, Humzah Yazdani rated it liked it.

The book starts with exploring the entry of Islam into India and this part is largely academic with no new information.