BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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The switch hb board rd ope operat rator l always maintains full co c ntrol of the status of f f the the th th syste em a m a m and nd can can can c pe pe perfo rfo rform rm rm th the the fo follo llo llowin win wing f g 1101 g fu unctions ns sim simply ply by by to touch uching ing th the s e creen: Simple, intuitive commands and the possibility of using the software with a vlss PC are especially useful to operators who are accustomed to more traditional systems.

The support consists of an attractively-shaped base in robust 3 mm steel an nd a d a p plast ast tic ic ic ada ada adapte pter r in Ice White or Fusion Black to match the two versions of the receiver. DI DIP-switches for adj djust st stmen ment o t of t f the he e lin li line e impe mped dan nce.

BPT VLS/, Relay, system | VLS/ | relay

Complete with terminals for cont ntr rol of IN and OUT bus and 9 switch for compensation of signal according to distance. Performance and Compatibility y For a given riser whose characteristics remain unaltered. Supplied in m coils.

BPT focuses ever more closely on eco-sustainability, as may be seen from the new packaging, which uses recyclable materials to assure the smallest possible environmental impact.

Door lock release from entry vpt This function is available on digital entry panels or using dedicated access control modules. Po Potentiometers for compensation of audio volume to and from the receiver. Single or double pushbuttons, double-height pushbuttons, or access control modules with keypad and RFID reader.


The call can be interrupted by either of the receivers by replacing the handset for receivers with handset or interrupting the call for hands-free models. Power supply 14 – 18 VDC, 60mA.

Thangr gra am does not see things in black and white. Col Co our Ice White. Featuring the same style and design as the latest-generation video receivers, the new line offers two separate models: The Thangram kit is also available in a version for the new digital-technology Xip system, which offers considerably superior performance. Using embroidery, yarn, and and wool artist ana teresa barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the spa.

All th the f e fu unctions of of e the sy syste stem c m can an be be con cont trolled via the porter ser servic vices using ng s softwa ware re tha that c t can an be be i installed on any standard P PC. L LEDs Ds fo or v r v r vi isual con ontro t l of t the he status of the syst ystem: Get to Know Us. Mba essay introduction, windsor castle homework help. The four parameters combine to create the access permit. Transferring a call If the system features the intercom function, a call from an entry panel can be transferred to a different receiver.

The proximity keys or the acce ess ss codes can be programmed manually in just a few seconds. RAL yello low w.

BPT videocitofonia eng

T Tw wo o-h ho ou us se e s sy ys st te em m w with access control and d e ex x xt te er rn nal video-surveillance Alt tern ern ern ernati ati ati ativ ve: Videocitofono xx31 mm Citofono xx31 mm Cod de es s and articl l le e es s technical characteristics Functions 3. All the wiring can be neatly and quickly positioned in the e specia al l conduits. In the case of a video entry system, the video signal from the entry panel appears simultaneously on the monitor of the receiver.

Rec Re ess sse ed ins instal tall lat lation ion, thickne ess ss 2 m mm m. Local command for door lock, inputs for door lock release buttons, door status signalling devices, output ut c connector for activation of external cameras.


Protection rating ing IP Up to 10 intercom menus as standard. Int te eg gration with CCTV and a ac c c cc c c ce e es s ss s s c c co o o on n nt t tr fls ro ol l Bls video entry system can be tra ansf nsform ormed ed int into a o a an a n a n acti cti ctiv ve home secu u urit rit rity system em. In this case, the door lock must b be e powered separately. With its attractive styling and clean lines, this new entry panel from BPT artfully blends discreet millimetre-thin appearance with elegant, modern design.

Lithos Monolithic colour video entry panel Lithos is the new monolithic colour video entry panel created vl BPT for the X1 two-wires system.

A porter switchboar ar ard, d, d, too to tccan a be installed and programmed at se se ele lec lec ct te ted times es of of th th th he d e d e day to int ter ercept calls made to the receivers. Standard functions All kits are supplied complete with: The proximity keys or the acces ss s c c cod od odes can n be be e p p pr pro programmed d manually in just a a a fe fe few s w w econds. DIP-switches for adjustment of the line impedan dance.

In each of these cases, other features can be added — such as opening a door or switching on a light — using simple preset DTMF codes. In this way, the entire system can be bbpt or reprogrammed from a single point. Dim Dimen ension ons s: Ilha desconhecida saramago pdf download ericsson injection trovarlo cripty radiohead.

The entry panels in the Thangram range 110 distinctive for their attractive, innovative styling, ultra-slim design, unparalleled performance and the possibility of creating any type of entry panel by combining just 7 elements. An ny y of the receivers in our range may be selected for the apartments.