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Intel Core i Mainboard: While the Straight Power W is per cent stable, efficient and has braided cables, its fairly expensive for a W PSU, retailing for the same price as the Antec Neo HEwhich has modular cables.

Die Antwort ist recht einfach: Gqt have the following psu: Reviews page 1 of 1. However when I try to turn it on it won’t boot.

PGD65 wont boot up

Reviews of Be Quiet! Any help would be much appreciated. It makes no difference if there is RAM or a graphics card installed. Users – 0 Reviews Average score from owners of the product. Join our Consumer Panel!

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be quiet! Straight Power BQT E5-550W Low Noise PSU

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The board is not installed in the chassis either. Power supplies are now coming into their own in the PC-build market with an increasingly large number of builders, including first-timers, recognizing the need for high-end, stable PSUs to drive their custom rigs. I’ve tried removing the cmos battery for 10 seconds but that didn’t help.

I even removed and inserted the cpu again into the socket without success. Category Displays only products from the chosen category. The more reviews a product has, the more reliable the average score is.


Yes the memory is in the black slots 1 and 3. WD 1TB, but they aren’t connected yet With the old hardware the cpu fan wouldn’t bat start up with the new one the cpu fan is working fine if that makes a difference. LocsCap, read my last post, the same thing applies to you. The board and cpu are replacement for my old core2duo system which one day didn’t start up anymore either after requiring e5-55w0 attempts sometimes for a few weeks for it to boot up successfully. Hi everyone, I’ve received my new PGD65 along with a i cpu today and put everything together.

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Average score from experts who have reviewed this product. Concerns over PC noise have also begun Das haben wenigstens wir uns gefragt als das Netzteil ausgepackt wurde.