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BS EN ISO Safety of machinery – Basic concepts, general principles for design – Part 1: Basic terminology, methodology. [Note that EN ISO and EN have both been superseded by EN ISO – Ed, 31 December ]. EN ISO IEC – 1. Electrical. Equipment. BS EN Safety of machinery. Rules for drafting and. Presentation of safety standards. BS ISO

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The information shall contain all directions required to ensure safe and correct use of the machine.

Basic terminology, methodology Status: Achieving the objectives of risk reduction and a favourable outcome of risk comparison applied when practicable gives confidence that risk has been adequately reduced. Markings shall comply with recognized standards for example, ISO or ISOfor 1210-1, symbols and colours in particular.

Clause 6, ‘Information for use,’ outlines what shall be provided. The form of jso machine is designed so as to achieve a suitable working position and provide accessible manual controls actuators.

Comparisons between similar hazardous situations associated with different types of machinery are often possible, provided that sufficient information bss hazards and accident circumstances in those situations is available. The walking areas shall be made from materials which remain as slip resistant as practicable under working conditions and, depending on the height from the ground, sn be provided with suitable guard-rails see ISO NOTE In some countries the use of specific language s is covered by legal requirements.

Whether or not a protective measure can be defeated enn on both the type of protective measure, such as an adjustable guard or programmable trip device, and its design details.

In order to prevent hazardous machine behaviour and to achieve safety functions, the design of control systems shall comply with the principles and methods presented in this subclause 6.

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EXAMPLE A fixed guard preventing access to a zone where a mechanical hazard is present used to reduce noise levels and collect toxic emissions. Openings shall, whenever possible, open towards a safe position. Amendment is Corrigendum No. Note that Clause 6.


BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003+A1:2009

Oso A provides a schematic representation of a machine, though this is likely to be of limited use to most readers, and there are 14 pages of a trilingual English, German and French index of specific terms and expressions used in the standard, which is unlikely to be of use to most machine designers.

They shall be designed to prevent hazards due to unintended opening.

Part 2 of the standard Technical principles generally contains practical advice that can be implemented when designing machinery. Uncertainty associated with these data shall be indicated in the documentation see Clause 7.

Subsequent sub-clauses address each of these steps in more detail. For some special machinery other protective measures can be appropriate. As shown in Figure 1, the adequacy of the bd reduction shall be determined after applying each of the three steps of risk reduction described in Clause 6. Has the risk been a adequately reduced?

Taking into account general technical knowledge of machine design bw 4 6. Suitable safeguards see 6. This standard was formed by combining the latest versions of ISO Information for use both at the machine and in the instruction book ‘Adequate risk reduction’ is defined in Clause 3 ‘risk reduction at least in accordance with the legal requirements under consideration of the current state of the art’ but Clause 5.

The provisions stated in this standard are intended for the designer. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Protective measures that use programmable electronic systems introduce additional possibilities of defeat or circumvention if access to safety-related software is not appropriately restricted by design and monitoring methods.

Clause 5, ‘Safeguarding and complementary protective measures,’ contains plenty of information that will be useful to machine designers on a day-to-day basis.

Avoiding sharp edges and corners, protruding parts: Where this is not possible, machines shall have built-in platforms, stairs or other facilities to provide safe access for those tasks; however, care should be taken to ensure that such platforms or stairs do not give access to danger zones of machinery.


NOTE 1 Sensitive protective equipment shall be integrated in the operative part and associated with the control system of the machine so that? For detailed 11200-1 see ISO These protective measures are outside the scope of this International Standard.

In large automated installations, particular attention shall be given to safe means of access, such as walkways, conveyor bridges or crossover points. Parts of machinery which can be removed manually in operation shall be provided with means for their safe removal and replacement.

12100-1 ISO Part 2 of the standard Technical principles generally contains practical advice that can be implemented when designing machinery. Amendment 1 affects hazard identification, risk estimation and risk evaluation and adds additional references. NOTE Also improved are the performance and reliability of operation and hence the reduction in the probability of errors at all stages of machine use.

Safety of Machinery: EN ISO and EN ISO

Some examples of hazardous situations are a b c d e work near moving parts, exposure to ejection of parts, work underneath a load, work near objects or materials at extreme temperatures, and isk of the worker to hazards generated by noise. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.

In carrying out this process, it is necessary to take into account these four factors, in the following order of preference: Want access to British Standards? The Amber document status indicator indicates that some caution is needed when using this document – it is either: Information isi use a? For example, where, in conjunction with a fixed guard, a mechanical loading feeding device is used to feed a workpiece into a machine, thereby removing the need for access to the primary hazard zone, a trip device can be required to protect against isoo secondary drawing-in or shearing hazard between the mechanical loading feeding device, when reachable, and the fixed guard.