The Bujagali Dam is the “best long-term solution” to help reverse Uganda’s power problem, according to the project’s director, Glenn Gaydar. Ugandan environmental and rural development organisations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop the construction of the Bujagali dam and. The once stalled Bujagali dam project is back for the second time on the project developer, Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL), is seeking financial support from.

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African Women’s Engagement in Trade Agreements. The people who chose cash compensation were required themselves be responsible for finding alternative places to reside, while the ones who chose the full resettlement package were relocated to the Naminya resettlement village in where the services promised were not readily available.

It also included construction of a kilometre transmission line, substations and other suoport works. These people had a right to be compensated for the loss of their property. Bujagaali unsubscribe Click Here.

The project benefited from the social and environmental due diligence that had been performed for the previous project under AES, bujagalk it also retained the original environmental footprint. Suppkrt video was launched as part of this campaign, and emphasizes the role of women water defenders.

Retrieved 31 May The World Bank’s original project description stated that the project involved the development of a hydropower plant with capacity of MW, including about km of kV and kV transmission lines and associated substations to be developed on a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis.

Human rights lessons from the Bujagali dam in Uganda

Ugandan environmental and rural development organisations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop the construction of the Bujagali dam and redirect the Bank’s attention toward developing renewable energy options that would make electricity more affordable and accessible to the majority of Uganda’s citizens. The Bujagali Power Station is a hydroelectric power station across the Victoria Nile that harnesses the energy of its namesake — the Bujagali Falls — in Uganda.

Negative effects have not been adequately taken into account by the World Bank. In Uganda, a coalition of organizations called the Save Bujagali Crusade and the National Association of Professional Environmentalists are urging government and Bank officials to put the Bujagali Professional Environmentalists are urging government and Bank officials buhagali put the Bujagali project on hold in order to study alternatives.


Right to education and access to basic medical care. Children from one of the villages that were forcefully moved because of the Bujagali dam. You may also like Article Five steps cities can take to tackle inequality. Please read this action alert and send a letter to the president of the World Bank today. The changes to the river permanently harmed fisheries.

Stop the construction of Uganda’s Bujagali dam | Pambazuka News

Free Teacher’s Packet and 5-minute video. Geothermal requires less land per megawatt than almost any other type of power plant. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat The Ugandan law requires that displaced persons are provided with support after displacement for a transition period based on a reasonable ssupport of time likely to be needed to restore their livelihood and standards of living.

Thank you for your help in this campaign. Thus in case of compensation issues, the government can be held accountable by the people. By Burghard Ilge and Sander Hehanussa In Tanzania and the Netherlands signed a treaty only known to a few; a so-called Bilateral Investment Treaty aimed “to extend and intensify the economic relations between them and to stimulate the flow of capital and technology and the economic development of the Contracting Parties”.

UETCLa state-owned enterprise. Since they are built atop their fuel source, geothermal plants are resistant to interruptions of power generation due to weather, natural disasters or political rifts. The Bujagali dam in Uganda was finalized inphoto: Forwarded by Global Response. As far back asthe government of Uganda started to plan the construction of a hydroelectric power plant at Bujagali Falls.

They also point out, however, that the process was permeated with corruption, intimidation and other abuses from the very beginning, and that the masterminds behind the murder are still walking around freely. Will it be back to megaprojects that benefit corporations at the expense of the poor, or onward toward renewable energy and sustainable, community-based development?

The Bujagali Dam Project in Uganda

From union renewal to a self-managed society: Retrieved from ” https: A highly critical report on the Bujagali Dam was recently released by the World Bank Inspection Panel – the independent investigation body of the World Bank.


Archived from the original PDF on 22 October Therefore future plans should cater for livelihood sustainability issues, compensating families for the assets and crops lost is not enough as was in the case of Naminya. Retrieved 16 October View the public impact framework scores.

These benefits were used to convince the locals to accept the project. Everything about us, without us? In addition, the dam would destroy Uganda’s “national treasure,” the beautiful Bujagali Falls at the source of the Nile. Geothermal heat originates at the earth’s core, where temperatures may reach over 9, degrees F.

Human rights lessons from the Bujagali dam in Uganda – FIVAS

There were also considerable objections from environmentalists and other groups regarding the potential impact of the project as well as the management of the resettlement. Cape Town water crisis. For more on geothermal power, see: The plant officially began commercial operation on 1 August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jubilee Investment Company [11]. The unravelling of President Buhari.

An Open Letter to States and Development Financiers on the need to ensure that development interventions support the realization of human rights, safeguard human rights defenders and guarantee meaningful public participation. See the Kids, Teens bujagail Teachers sections at www.

But in the case of Bujagali though, the project affected people were only informed about the project, they were not adequately educated about their human bujagalo and their right to a consultation process hujagali free, prior and informed consent. However this resulted into long-term hardship and impoverishment of the affected communities. It is at the border between Buikwe District to the west and Jinja District to the east.

These corruption allegations coupled with delays in crucial approvals by parliament of Uganda led to the failure of the project to take off for almost 10 years from the time of its inception.