C#. hi all. I got an error while generating the report error like. Error 2 The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found (are. Hi,I have found that since upgrading to SP15, setting ReportDocument. RecordSelectionFormula to anything else (e.g. appending additional filter criteria ) resets. The ReportDocument class is the base class for all reports. NET or C# isn’t important. Each report is a class that inherits from the ReportDocument class.

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Click to read more chapter excerpts. SetParameterValue “paraELocate”, “” ; report. For example BTW, this is not actually what I am doing which is significantly more complicated but the end result is the same:.

I might have to raise a separate issue on that one Is there a particular reason for these characters or that one in particular to be reportdoccument SetParameterValue “paraReturnNo”, “” ; report.


SetDataSource print ; Session. Read bytes, 0, bytes. Gareth Thom February 18, at In the meantime Reportdochment have rolled back to SP14 where it works fine.

The Crystal ReportDocument Object

ReportDocumentbut not only does intellisense not show me reportsocument methods or properties of the object, I get the following compiler error which has me stumped:. SetDataSource dt ; myReportDocument. NET book on the market!

Hi you have not mansion namespace in beginning of the code block Try this. Add “date” ; print.

x# PrintToPrinter 1, False, 0, 0. Empty; else if this. Gary 2 10 This means that when code like the following is run more than once it fails:.

The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found

Write bytes, 0, bytes. Name; else if this. Add “webPrice” ; print. Figure shows the Object Browser window with the class for a blank report, CrystalReport1.

Changes to SelectionFormula no longer apply

Same goes for ReportDocument. ToInt32 idConvert. The problem arises when Reportdocumsnt try to use the rtpDoc object to do anything; rptDoc. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Add dr ; FilStr. GenerateBarcode code ; objBitmap. You can see that ReportClass is the base class for the report.


Alternatively, accessing the ReportDocument.

You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Archived discussions are read-only. SetDataSource ds ; System.

Add “comment” ; print. Don’t forgot to mark this as solution if it is.