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The resistance to heat flow is imposed by the steam and liquid film coefficients and by the material of the tube walls. Capabilities include design, engineering, fabrication, construction and installation. A diagram of this type of evaporator, which may be called the conventional evaporator, is given in Fig. In some cases the temperatures of condensing steam may be too high for the product and hot water may be used.

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The relationship between vapour pressure and boiling temperature, for water, is shown in Fig. Considered as a piece of process plant, the evaporator has two principal functions, to exchange heat and to separate the vapour that is formed from the liquid.

Frequently in the food industry a raw material or a potential foodstuff contains more water than is required in the final product. Features include vapor disengagement separators, calandria, vapor liquid separator and axial flow pump housing. The reduced pressures required to boil the liquor at lower temperatures are obtained by mechanical or steam jet ejector vacuum pumps, combined generally with condensers for the vapours from the evaporator.


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Call View Supplier Save Shortlist. Areas of expertise include architectural, biochemical, chemical, electrical, environmental, geological, instrumentation, mechanical and structural engineering.

The basic factors that affect the rate of evaporation are the: When the foodstuff is a liquid, the easiest method of removing the water, in general, is to apply heat to evaporate it. Low-pressure steam can also be used but the large volumes create design problems. The calandria is also used for batch-type concentration of liquors. Unit Operations in Food Processing.

Surface condensers provide sufficient heat transfer evapprator, pipes for example, through which the condensing vapour calanddia latent heat of vaporization to cooling water circulating through the pipes. The condensed liquid can either be pumped from the system or discharged through a tall barometric column in which a static column of liquid balances the atmospheric pressure. Vacuum Evaporation For the evaporation of liquids that are adversely affected by high temperatures, it may be necessary to reduce the temperature of boiling by operating under reduced pressure.

Parts Center Parts SwensonTechnology. Turnkey systems integrator and custom manufacturer of manufacturing facilities, processing systems, acid recovery systems and environmental control systems. However, with dissolved solids in increasing quantities as evaporation proceeds leading to increased viscosity and poorer circulation, heat transfer coefficients in practice may be much lower than this.

In the heat exchanger section, called a calandria in this type of evaporator, steam condenses in the outer jacket and the liquid being evaporated boils on the inside of the tubes and in the space above the upper tube plate. Perhaps because of this uncertainty, many evaporator designs have tended to follow traditional patterns of which the calandria type of Fig.


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Thermal Kinetics Evaporator Selection Guide. When the eaporator pressure of the liquid reaches the pressure of its surroundings, the liquid boils. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Heat exchange area for a surface condenser for an evaporator What heat exchange area would be required for a surface condenser working under the same conditions as the jet condenser in Example 8.

Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Calandria Evaporators directory on the Internet. Heat Transfer in Evaporators. The Swenson calandria evaporator is applied less often today than it was years ago, evaporrator there are still a number of companies that prefer this evaporator for various applications. For most applications, however, the lower equipment costs for other designs have prompted the replacement of calandria evaporators with long-tube vertical rising-film, long-tube vertical falling-film, and forced-circulation evaporators.


Important practical considerations in evaporators are the: Request Info Compare Suppliers. Swenson Recognized with Export Leadership Award. Yet another complication is that measured, overall, heat transfer coefficients have been found to vary with the actual temperature drop, so that the design of an evaporator on theoretical grounds is inevitably subject to wide margins of uncertainty. Mechanical vacuum pumps are generally cheaper in running costs but more expensive in terms of capital than are steam jet ejectors.