The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism of Mainly an urban planning theory book, it has a. Source: Camillo Sitte, City Planning According to Artistic Principles, trans. In the field of city planning the limitations on artistry of arrangement have, to be sure . Camillo Sitte distinguished himself in the art of city planning culminating in his seminal work City Planning According to Artistic Principles with a great influence .

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Nevertheless, his work is often used and cited as a criticism of the Modernist movement, its importance reemerging in the post-modernist movement of the late sixties. It was also highly successful in its time. Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter. Camillo Sitte — was a famous Austrian architect, painter and city planning theoretician who had a huge influence and authority over the development of urban construction planning and regulations in Europe.

Share your thoughts with other customers. In reality all that is attained is a complete loss of our bearings, a monotony of xitte, and an architectural ineffectiveness.

Sitte emphasized the creation of an irregular urban structure, spacious plazas, enhanced by monuments and other aesthetic elements.

This was due in part to the intractable nature of the existing layout and in part to the tenacity with which fine old artistic traditions had preserved themselves.

FenixSEO 16 October at The striving for perspective effects has obviously continued, and we could designate as the backbone of the system the broad avenue closed off in the distance by a monumental structure…. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.


The book informally breaks down into three apparent sections. It is the parceling of plots, purely for economical considerations, that has become a problem in modern society and city planning.

Volenti not fit injuria No injury is done to a consenting party. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The accordkng reason for this is again the abominable block system, since gardens should also, just like buildings and monuments, follow the example of the ancients—not standing free in the middle of empty spaces but being built in.

His principle and theory for planning a city is really great. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He further progresses to outline other key principles of ancient urban spaces that he believes have been lost in modern planning.


Sitte criticized that sccording urban planners trend to isolate the placement of significant civic buildings, churches, and monuments as their research object, and treated them as to how such elements had been presented in former times as decorate of the urban space.

For all the magnitude his practice today has become, the study was one of modesty. They only succeed in obstructing the view of the Bourse building. The effective enclosure of space, deriving as it does from the historical evolution of an original unbroken street front such as still exists today in villagescontinued to be the basis of all dispositions in the old towns.

In every town where a so-called corso or promenade has developed, one can observe how a long continuous row of houses was instinctively chosen as side-protection, since otherwise its whole pleasure of strolling would be spoilt by the constant lookout argistic cross traffic….

The uselessness of widely spaced greenery on streets and especially on public walks is demonstrated clearly enough by the fact that on hot summer days promenaders saunter not on these walks, but along the footways of the Ringstrasse, the avenues, etc.

The cause of this evil is the same in both instances—namely the modern building block.

In arranging straight streets of identical width between such blocks, the circular forms would be transformed into regular hexagons, as used in tile patterns or in the honeycomb.

Sitte criticized that contemporary urban planners trend to isolate the placement of significant civic buildings, churches, and monuments as their research object, and treated them as to how such elements had been presented in former times as decorate of the urban space.

Athens and the ancient Greek spaces, like the agora and the forum are his preferred examples of good urban spaces. Sitte makes an analysis based on sensitivity aesthetics and is not concerned with the historical circumstances that generated such forms. By sitting the statue away from the central axis it removes any interference palnning circulation, and views to the entrances and buildings. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

These occur even more frequently in the application of the radial system or plannng mixed systems.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sitte contended that many urban planners had neglected to consider the vertical dimension of planning, instead focusing too much on paper, and that this approach hindered the efficacy of planning in an aesthetically conscious manner. It follows simply from this that under the proper conditions an artistic effect can be achieved with whatever street network be chosen, but the pattern should never be applied with that really brutal ruthlessness which characterizes the cities of the New World and which has, unfortunately and frequently, become the fashion with us.



Sitte believed that the participation of art above all else affected those within a space. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. All three are concerned exclusively with the arrangement of street patterns, and hence their intention is from the very start a purely technical one.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Your email is never published nor shared. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. However, many of their charms are already irretrievably lost for us since they no longer harmonize with modern living. Their designs follow key formulas, for example he believes that all entrances views into a plaza should not infringe on each other, and should enter from an obscure angle. Newer Post Older Post Home. His theories were widely influential for many practiticians, like Karl Henrici and Theodor Fischer.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. These are forms in modern city planning that are still artistically effective and are truly in the spirit of the Baroque. With his reiterated reinforcing of the pedestrians experience as the true factor of success, Sitte states how the design of streets in successful precedents always revolves around that of the experience. English Choose a language for shopping. The principal value would consist in spraying the leaves with water so that during heatspells they could serve as an evaporating, and hence an air conditioning apparatus.

Regardless of how painful this may be to sensitive souls, the practical artist should not let himself be guided by sentimental impulses, because no artistic planning could be a thorough or lasting success unless it complied with modern living conditions.

Even if the millions were provided that such a project would entail, we would still be unable to create something of the kind, because we lack both the artistic basis for it and any universally valid philosophy of life that has sufficient vigor in the soul of the people to find physical expression in the work.