A complete guide in 4 languages about Corfu island in Greece. Una guida completa sull’isola di Corfu in Grecia. Corfu-isola-Grecia-Mappa-Cartina. Date: 04/03/ By Aliki Niakas Categories: No comments. Print Friendly, PDF & Email Think Before Printing. Mappa interattiva 39°36’09″N 19°51’46″E · Europa > Grecia > Isole greche > Corfù Corfù (in greco Kérkyra o Κέρκυρα) è la più settentrionale delle Isole Ionie.

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Throughout Corfu you may find organised diving centres. Its vegetated inland, without falling short, scattered with many picturesque villages, rewards all visitors. Corfu holidays offers many visits in museums, historic monuments, religious and other sites and a rich and beautiful coastline.

The northwest side has large sand beaches, like St George, but also steep cliffs, like the rocks of Paleokastritsa, which are ideal for exploration.

Corfu island

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Its northeast coasts are only 2 km from the Albanian coasts.

Corfù – Wikivoyage, guida turistica di viaggio

Select Area in Greece:. In Corfu town you will notice the strong Italian impact in the architecture, since the Venice domination, which combined with the Greek Corfu tradition and formed this special culture.

The norteast side is famous for its clear water, its multicolor pebbles for collecion and its steep dephth. Lefkada ferries Paxi ferries Zakynthos ferries. The express train is very popular. It is also possible to travel in a sleeping car.


Travel by ferry to all Greek Islands Make your ferry reservations now Travel information for Ferries. Your trip to Corfu can be with a conventional ferry boat.

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Corfu Churches and Monasteries The island of Corfu Kerkyra is, mainly for historic reasons, full of churches. Its entire territory can be walked on foot in just a few minutes. The cost of landing is 1 euro;1 km of the way will cost you from 10 to 50 cents, depending on the date, the time of day, and the city. Springtime, with the ceaseless colour alternations is undoubtedly amazing! Corfu, today, is an international tourism centre and a destination with highly developed tourist infrastructures which satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Exact, partial, cartlna, paraphrased or adapted reproduction or republication of the contents and design of this website by any means mechanical, electronic, photocopied or otherwise without previous authorisation from the legal owner is strictly forbidden. There are buses every day from 5am to 12am.

Corfu Archaeological Sights and Castles Corfu Kerkyra is being inhabited, at least, since the Palaeolithic age year History of Corfu Island. Archaeology in Corfu Island. Sia Paleokastritsasia Ermones rivendicano di essere il luogo dove l’eroe omerico fu raccolto e curato da Nausicaafiglia di Alcinoore dei Feaci.

Sightseeing Corfu Kerkyra includes the islands of Paxi and Diapontia islands. Fu poi la volta dei reali di Grecia Casa Reale di Grecia che fino all’ultimo re Costantino II di Grecia conservarono l’abitudine di trascorrere le vacanze estive nella tenuta di Mon Repos dove il 10 giugno nacque il principe Filippo di Edimburgo. Many Corfu beaches are awarded by the European Authorities for their quality.


Corfu ferries Ithaka ferries Kefalonia ferries. Corfu for children – what to visit In the city of Chlomos, there is a very nice farm called Donkey Farm Chlomos, whose main inhabitants are friendly donkeys. The noble Corfu island is the northmost island of the Ionian Sea and is situated at the mouth of Adriatic Sea. In autumn, time has come to take your last plunge into the warm sea waters.

Marked by intriguing contrast and consecutive influences, the island is a crossroads of colors and civilizations. City tours, excursions and tickets in Corfu and surroundings. Patras – Paxi – Corfu 3. Navigazione Pagina principale Ultime modifiche Una pagina a caso Indice guida.

Ferries to Cyclades Islands. The most important and famous temple is Aghios Spyridon, the patron saint of the island, where there are the relics of the saint. Articoli con banner Pagine con banner Quickbar con banner senza descrizione QuickbarRegion Quickbar con immagine senza descrizione Regione. Corfu Museums and Historical Monuments Corfu Kerkyra has a very rich history and cultural tradition and is famous for its big number of museums.