Zach Barrows is a cocky, ambitious White House employee until he’s abruptly transferred out and partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to. Official website of writer Christopher Farnsworth, author of Killfile, The Eternal World, and Blood Oath. Blood Oath (Nathaniel Cade, book 1) by Christopher Farnsworth – book cover, description, publication history.

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There are clever historical references and journal entries that make the outrageous plot seem plausible. There are people who have assembled zombies from body parts stolen ,or obtained illegally, and their only reason for existing is to kill all who get in the way of their goal.

Jun 02, Suspense Magazine rated it it was amazing. No matter that Blood Oath stirs up all three in a satisfying summer read. See all books by Christopher Farnsworth.

Helen asks him, “Question? I hope the author will give more attention to some of the characters receiving minimal realestate in the first outin – such as Tania, the female vampire who shares a history with Cade.

Not the usual story twists just to shock and be a twist, I’m talking about smart turns and dialogue that will make you re-read this book over and over. You have one die-hard fan here already! Thought I would try this because I rather like a good Vampire story as long as it’s not too vapid and well, nobody Not the usual story twists just to shock and be a twist, I’m talking about smart turns and dialogue that will make you re-read this For years Cade, a vampire, has been protecting our Presidents and our country.

Such a good read! I plan on running Curse of Strahd in the coming months, and want to read some cheesy genre fiction to get in the mood. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As Griff explains, they are trophies kept by its occupant: The only weak moment in the book is when our secret agent vamp takes a toss between the sheets.

BLOOD OATH by Christopher Farnsworth | Kirkus Reviews

On the orders of the president he defends the nation against enemies far stranger-and even more dangerous-than civilians like Zach could ever imagine. Forget the War on Terror, Zach. And believe me, there is a lot of story construction here of this caliber. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Despite impressive fighting skills and inhuman tolerance, Cade very nearly dies while destroying three of the zombies – Zach saves his life and earns some measure of his respect.


I could also see almost every scene in my head as I read along, so clear and descriptive was the writing. It’s well written and the action starts right away. Nathaniel Cade is perhaps the most boring, tedious vampire you will ever meet in literature. Night of Camp David.

Blood Oath

While Zach slows down the final zombie and ensures the safety of Candace and Curtis’ family, the final zombie comes within inches of killing the president, and fatally wounds Griff when he throws himself in front a strike aimed at a defenceless Cade.

Zach Barrows is a kind of political golden-boy. A paranormal thriller begging for a slot in airport bookshops.

But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Chrustopher ongoing sidestory focuses on Dylan Weeks, a spoilt and deadbeat loser who is bitter with life, who is approached by Khaled al-Attar, who previously knew Dylan as a rich student at the same college as him, but has since become radicalised and became a terrorist – Khaled recruits Dylan to work for him at his father’s shipping company in Kuwaitwhere he then involves him in his group that is planning, with Konrad, in unleashing a supernatural terrorist attack on the White House.

Feb 05, Clare rated it it was amazing. Ultimately Cade and Zach unravel the plot – Konrad has the four finished Unmenschsoldat delivered near the White House, where Khaled and his conspirators sacrifice their lives to bring them to life and carry out their programmed attack; Dylan, already having misgivings about his involvement, flees for his life.

It was only a matter of time, given the current vampire craze, that someone attempted to fuse political intrigue with everyone’s favorite blood-suckers. The unit conducts surveillance and aoth a security perimeter on a pack of Serbian thugs as night falls. This is truly a testosterone filled ride that leaves you scrambling to get to the next chapter.


Despite this, Laveau gives Cade some compassion, explaining further that he can do much good in the world with his new abilities, and save others from the Other Side. It centers on three main characters: Frankenstein, known as Johann Konrad, who still lives and continues to perform experiments in hopes of creating the living dead. In truth, Johnson, knowing exactly what Cade had become and the threats of the Other Side, decided to use him as a defence from incursions farnswirth monsters like him.

Each chapter is headlined with information from the classified “instruction Manual” for Cade. Jun 07, Poppy Fields rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are secret agents and then there are secret agents, like the undead predator protecting the White House.

This is the beginning of a great series. To my surprise I haven’t been able to put it down!! At first Zach is frightened in regards to Cade and grudgingly comes to respect the vampire for what he is able to do.


I’m not sure if I’ll read more in this series, but since I have watched all the Sharknado sequels, this chances are good for the other books too. Preview — Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth. For the Sake of Elena. However, the christohper original human consciousness, a deceased U.

I love dark UF and this was so new and different that it was a joy to read. For the past hundred and forty years, it’s been his job to defend this nation against the threats from the Other Side. He reasoned that if this story was true, how powerful of an agent for the United States could that vampire become, and how much good would he be able to do?

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