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They are Vampiric, so they cannot crumble. Corpse carts are excellent force multipliers and you can inflict absolutely sick amounts of Wounds in close combat with a good Dance Macabre and Always Strikes First on a horde of Crypt Ghouls with adjacent Cart.

A list that flanks with Black Knights and Dire Wolves plays very differently than one that relies on a pair of Corpse Carts and a flock of Vargheists. A 90 point Chariot. Regardless of this fact, a horde of troops can hold anything that’s not packing some serious killing power in place until they have been whittled down to nothing or you bring something bigger to finish the job the vampiers started.

They all answer to Neferata, who codsx essentially a bisexual Cleopatra. This makes them a lot easier to play than most armies, and while many choices form a nice synergy together there’s less risk at making a “wrong” decision.

The former can take points, the latter Can be boosted for double range. Just remember that the more casters in Lore of Vampires you can manage, the longer your force will probably survive. Healing Potion 35 points, one use. Even for your Ghoul King. Once it’s on the enemy, their top priority is getting rid of it as whatever it’s on will be devastated in three turns so your opponent will burn dispel dice getting rid of it, only to leave himself open to your Augments or you just recasting it.


Because he’s points.

Ghouls on the other hand are your hammer in the Core selection, a unit of 20 will pack 16 poison attacks in a 5wide formation, unfortunately they are twice the cost of skeletons making a basic horde 10×4 over points. Enchanted Items [ edit ] Wizarding Hat: They must take a LD test.

Covers a hole missing in the Vampire Counts arsenal nicely, wasting those nasty monsters and cavalry off nicely.

Early on it’s the primary way to keep your Mortis Engine from self-destructing. Ghosts, vampires, and large targets heal exactly one wound from it two if you factor in the lore attribute.

Book army Warhammer choice V8 OOP-Version french | eBay

Now in 8th has the proper Vampire statline. In massive points games, you could therefore have access to every single lore!!! Keep in mind that the Vargheists, being flyers, are also skirmishers, which means they can freely reform at any time.

Most Bloodlines dream of world domination; the Lahmians are already there, and they plan to keep it that way. For more information, please refer to the introduction. Crap stats and two Wounds.

It is one of the best in the game, for various reasons. Not really a terrible choice, but it fulfills the same role as Invocation.

Ultimately, you must decide if you’re going to use your characters for killing or casting. Absolute independence from the Ruinous Powers. It looks awesome, the crunch seems awesome, then you put it on the field and a Dwarf with a flaming cannonball blows it to hell before it can move. While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army.

This is the man you want fighting cdex but Goblins and Skaven Slaves if comhes can possible help it if you’re facing Ogres, you’re in for a world of hurt. It can be especially useful in summoning models directly in front of your opponent’s gunlines to soak of their fire.


Potion of Foolhardiness 5 points, same rule as the other two lower point potions, grants Immune to Psychology and Devastating Charge. But tailored lists are probably the only place this belongs. Make sure your army doesn’t crumble before your eyes because one necromancer decided to miscast or get into combat. Not great by any standard of a monster. This spell is one you want to cast on something you don’t intend to blast with another spell from this Lore, but otherwise this is one of the best spells in the game.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts

She can take out a low LD unit very quickly however seeing 10 Skaven Slaves drop dead bleeding from the ears from one single attack can be fucking hilarious. The only thing worthwhile to put on it is a Vampire Lord, but then you’re at points naked AND you just made your general a much bigger cannonball magnet which might lose you the game, and lesser vampires don’t have a high enough leadership to consistently use The Battle of Wills effectively and it costs a shitload of points.

Fairly cheap and it flies so it’s not exactly bad, but it’s just beaten out by the next two usually. A point Chariot. Like their footplodding counterparts they can take a Magic Standard.

Second, while you have no need to worry about the psychology of your own units you will be paying a lot of attention to the enemy’s psychology because that’s crucial to victory.