Paling en Ko (Mortadelo y Filemon) en Francisco Ibáñez. Mortadelo & Filemon # Comic Art, Comic Book, Comic Covers, Character Mortadelo y Filemon oficina, Comic español Cartoon Illustrations, Comic Art. “Mortadelo y Filemón” is a comic book by illustrator FRANCISCO IBÁÑEZ ( Barcelona). The first story of these sloppy detectives appeared.

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Mort & Phil – Wikipedia

Tall, skinny, bald and folemon short-sighted, he always wears a black coat. Characterized by an absurdist slapstick humor, the series set the standards for comical style fi,emon Spanish comic strip series.

In recent appearances has been replaced by a caricature of the President of the Government of Spain. The series frequently uses slapstick humor whereby the characters constantly suffer mishaps – such as falls from heights, explosions, and being crushed by heavy objects. Spanish evening courses starting 26 September.

His real name, Mortadelocomes from ” mortadela “, a kind of sausage. CS1 Spanish-language sources es Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Title pop Redundant infobox filemln param Comics infobox image less caption Articles containing Spanish-language text Official website not in Wikidata.

Vicente’s boss and the only person who he ever toadies to. However, this basic setup is twisted, subverted and inverted enough for it to never get boring.

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If they don’t smoke is because they don’t have money to buy cigarettes. Otherwise his bad mood expands into pure anger.

Spanish comic books (1) Mortadelo y Filemón

She is still single and would like to become involved with someone usually with Mortbut so far her attempts have been in vain.

It is his pasion, his best skill and his art!

Of course there aren’t Hispanic Issues Online With the intensive Spanish course we are vomics on character adjectives and we have introduced a few characters from one of the classic and most popular Spanish comic books in order to practice them! However Mortadelo has a very exceptional capacity to dress up. Views Read Edit View history. Mort and Phil filemonn in love with her much to Ofelia’s chagrinbut she is not interested.

A water tap can sprout from a tree, two mice may be chatting, a vase can contain a foot or an eggplant, etc. After so many years Javier Fesser filmeon the 3D animated film Mortadelo and Filemon: The fat and vain secretary of Superintendente Vicente. One animated series and some animated films were also produced.

Both protagonists share the scene with set characters such as their tyrannical supervisor Superthe failed scientist conics Bacterio and the obese secretary Ofeliaas well as with many villains. While he, as the head of the organization, lives in splendor, indulging himself in expensive beverages and Cuban cigarshe keeps the T. There are two live action films based on the comic: Your car was stolen with you inside it She is very vain and flirtyshe loves putting on make-up and filing her nails.


Theoretically, by the dirty means we already comic, he is the boss of the team. Watch those five bricks, watch them! I must get rid of it! You may leave whenever you want.

While he may hold the rudder in the T. He usually has to hunt down Mort and Phil because they don’t want to do their missions. After the s, the albums have featured current news, like computer sabotage, the AVEFielmon terrorismSpanish and Filemo politicsand specials for the Olympic Games and the football World Cup.

Mortadelo y Filemón – Professor LatinX

As the cokics of the two-man team, Phil is an educated man and an expert in fklemon variety of fields. Save Earth by Miguel Bardem Stories usually end with the Super chasing our favourite agents in the most inusual places.

Retrieved from ” https: His name comes from bacteria. The first story of these sloppy detectives appeared in January HumorPolitical satireSlapstickFarceAdventure. The giant agent of the T. He is always fighting with Phil, his partner, mostly because he tends to mess things up, usually to Phil’s discomfort: