(); //Create an instance for named destination. PdfNamedDestination destination = new PdfNamedDestination(“TOC”); ation = new. A named destination in a PDF is similar to a bookmark in other document formats. So how do we create a PDF with named destinations without the additional. In my point of view, it’s sufficient to set a \hypertarget{destname}{} and use the destname as argument to the evince –named-dest option. This works at least in.

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Help us improve this page Correct inaccurate or outdated content Please provide additional information. Yes, I believe that once you have the Destination created, you will need to use Cos to add it to the Names tree.

Lets you filter the kinds of files shown below. The following code example crfate how to add named destination to the bookmarks in the PDF document. Was this page helpful? Please specify a reason:.

NamedDestinationCollection ‘Remove the named destination by title destinationCollection. It is the same as linking to any webpage. Section3 may or may not scroll to its line 30 on the page. A reason for them choosing to use PDFs is that they should open without the prompts for alternative actions characteristic of other document formats. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document’s status or sensitivity.

How can I get the name tree? Navigation appears to link pages, not places on pages.


Also, navigating to bookmarks in Adobe Reader has the same behavior. Shows or hides the files.

Linking to named destinations within PDFs | Triaster Ltd

Thanks for your feedback! Below it is a series of attempts I made.

Setion2 may or may not scroll to its line 15 on the page. Thanks for your response. There are two ways nameddets approach using destinations. Thanks for the detailed step-by-step! A named destination in a PDF is similar to a bookmark in other document formats.

A named destination, like a bookmark, can be associated with particular content. Support Forum Download ‘. Shows or hides the folders that the files are stored in. In this case, you need the bookmark package however — Regarding evince and acroread I now suspect there’s something wrong with my version of Acrobat10 Pro because clicking the bookmark still jumps to the next page.

In the Links section, select Hyperlink. Based on the option you choose, the section below the field gives you a list of selections or additional fields to complete. When linking to locations within a PDF, we were limited to targeting a page number with a link of this form:. In Acrobat acroread the corresponding command is documentation. Edit Answer for another 2 minutes. Thanks for the great tutorial! This will open the Destinations pane.

For example, add links to show a building envelope, wiring, plumbing, and so on based on destinations that define groups of visible layers. The following steps show how to configure a link using a named destination:. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. By freate a named destination, you can open the PDF with the desired location and magnification.


Thanks for your help. Destinations set in a layered drawing are useful to create a list of links to show different elements of the drawing instantly. Please type your message and try namsddest.

Working with Named Destination

Do you creatd if the target can be used for the pdfstartview option in hyperref? Get help Ask the community. In the Document Properties area, click Create named destinations for bookmarks.

Perhaps there’s a better set of instructions somewhere? Did you know they existed? Define the link characteristics.


Dreate as a guest Name. When the project includes dozens of destinations, Acrobat 8 lets you sort the destinations for ease of access. You can also use destinations to link to layers. You set up a complex document, linking content from a number of files and locations together. A bookmark can point to a named dest, but it can do a bunch of other things as well. According to the Evince help, one can open a PDF at the location of a “named destination”: Optional In the Target Frame field, click the drop-down arrow to select the way the linked destination will open e.

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