Ilium [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Trojan War rages at the foot of Olympos Mons on Mars — observed and. DAN SIMMONS. Ilium is a work of such brain-boggling scope that it’s difficult to figure out how to contain a discussion of all its different facets in a review that. Justina Robson explores an empire that never fell in Robert Silverberg’s Roma Eterna and a far-future Greece in Dan Simmons’s Ilium.

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And it’s only the first part – don’t think you can get in other books between Ilium and its sequel Olympos I wante Holy bloody freakin’ incredible hell. The second story line starts pretty far away from all these events – to be precise on the Jupiter moon Europa. Thanks for telling us about the problem. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Dec 19, Anthony Ryan rated it it was amazing. Ilium might not be quite that ambitious, but in choosing its ideas, Simmons tackles the dreaded Q-word that’s “quantum,” people with the courage of one of his heroic Achaean warriors.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. It can be difficult to keep one’s bearings as the author’s vision is so expansive that the scale of events, characters and themes so often touched upon or merely suggested, only to be later viewed from different circumstance or perspective.

They are vessels for the reader to inhabit instead of thinking, feeling beings. While working through this reading list I got married, went on my dam, switched career and became a father. After two pages of Ilium, I literally could not stop reading. The Fall of Hyperion.

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It feels quite adolescent–physical instead of emotional, women described at length and men not at all–and not just in the Ada section, where it makes a certain sense as an homage, but throughout the book. Huhuhuh, and then she rubs her thigh on the pole.

If the Prophet had not lived…

Jose Monarrez rated it it was amazing Apr 23, As with Simmons’s first SF book, Hyperion, this volume manages to quote from, steal from, criticise and do homage to a number of favourite writers from the past, using them to shore up a sophisticated theory of literature which is also the basic plot.

Specifically, and only, Shakespeare’s sonnets. Simmons makes his home simons Colorado. Throughout the book, we see instances of the most advanced life forms obsessing over the legends, stories, and creative genius of the primitive past.

Mar 12, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. Get to Know Us.

Dan Simmons – Author’s Official Web Site

Thomas Hockenberry is a “scholic” from the early 21st century, one of several such men resurrected by the gods to observe and simmlns upon the Trojan War, which they are watching live as if it were a football game, and interacting with as they see fit based on the scholics’ observations as to how closely the actual war is panning out according to Homer’s Iliad.

Without glue, all crumbles. Unfortunately, they are shot down by one of Zeus’s lightening bolts, and immediately rescued by hundreds of adorable mute LGMs Little Green Men. Their effort to escape the suffocating might of Rome fails, but it creates the first Jewish martyr and thus provides the rallying material for a real political movement.


I can just imagine him waking up on the bathroom floor in the morning with some indecpherable napkin notes ending with the phrase can luck fan that”. I mean honestly “What the heck did Dam just read” er…listen to!! Well, it’s not so much about “The Iliad” as it I can’t seem to say enough in the way of praise for Dan Simmons.

Ilion I, El Asedio

When they go to investigate, their ship is shot down Bain produced “What Dreams May Come,” for which Digital Domain created the majority of the visual effects sequences and won an Oscar for its work. And now I’m off reading Olympos. The humans eventually grew on me, too. Copy Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, but skip the racist epithets.

From Wikipedia, the simmona encyclopedia. I really liked Ilium, even if I have no idea how the concurrent randomness actually ties together. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I enjoyed Daeman’s development simmlns a complete ignorant and arrogant idiot at first who in the fight for his own life and the life of others finds a strength in himself that he – and I as the reader – would have never thought him capable of.

Ilium Series by Dan Simmons

Thousands of ping pong balls —nay, sliced baby eyelids, each bearing a single topic tattoo- are skittering about. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I’m telling you, Simmons is a simmkns genius.