Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Method, and Politics in Feminist Literary Criticism: Annette Kolodny: “Dancing Through the. Annette Kolodny quotes. Quote:”Dancing through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Literary Criticism” . Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Annette Kolodny – – Feminist Studies 14 (3)

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Feminist Criticism Theory and Practice.

I chose this article by Kolodny because it marks a specific point in the history from which I can build in writing my essay. Notify me of new comments via email. Deconstruction, Feminist Criticism and Cannon Deformation.

Susan Sellers – Kolodny points that our sense and understanding of our history and our believes in the historical canon does not reflect our full understanding of the past.

Email required Address never made public. An Interchange on Feminist Criticism: Rather, the object of pluralism is to make use of multiple critical approaches and to get a fuller appreciation of the variety of meanings which can be present in a single text.

Her major scholarly writings examine the experiences of women on the American frontiers and the projection of female imagery onto the American miefield. Kolodny emphasizes Social constructionism in this essay, although she herself never uses the term. While there can be no single ideology to which all feminist theories belong, Gardiner writes, there are some strong ideological concepts that define areas of feminism. The book is organized chronologically, in much the same way as Lay of the Land.

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Examples of this would include liberal feminismsocialist feminismand ecofeminism. First, any construction of a literary canon is a social construction; second, readers unconsciously engage texts from a certain point-of-view; and third, this unconscious bias present in all readers must be consciously and critically re-examined.

Annette Kolodny – Wikipedia

Kolodny in her essay Dancing through the minefield: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Literary history and with that, the historicity of literature is a fiction. But neither is the text pure; it is also moulded by social relations and customs. November 6, at 5: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

See full article on Social constructionism Using this theory, social entities are seen as always being in a state of change as society itself changes, and the relationships of the entities change.

While Kolodny is specifically speaking of feminist literary criticism, I think that all critics can learn from her elevation of truth and mutual understanding over any one particular ideology or strain of an ideology.

Towards Marxist Feminist Biblical Criticism. Kolodny suggests that our evaluation and observation of any literary work should depend on how we create and reshape our sense of the past. In the writings she examined, she noticed a different theme from that of the male writers:. First, she writes, “literary history…is a fiction.

In chapter 2, “Surveying the Virgin Land: She insists, however, dacning she is not suggesting anything must go, simply that more women should be added.

Briefly, social constructionism is a school of thought that involves looking at the ways social phenomena are created, by people. Based on her experience as a senior administrator in higher education, Kolodny published Failing the Future: Dancing Between Left and Right: For example, the western literary canon has been largely created by well-educated white men, and the focus of the canon is therefore on works by well-educated white men.


The feminization of the land and the images of the earth as a passive, giving female figure show the social ideas that ecofeminism protests against. Of course, many more women authors have found their ways into the literary canon, and much more feminist literary criticism written by women scholars is being published, much is yet to be settled.

Pluralism and the Theory of Women’s Studies.

Annette Kolodny

They dreamed, more modestly, of locating a home and a familial human community within a cultivated garden. Kolodny states that throhgh appropriate meaning from a text…according the critical assumptions or predispositions conscious or not that we bring to it. Literary history is a fiction. Her other writings examine some aspects of feminism after the s; the revision of dominant themes in American studies ; and the problems faced by women and minorities in the American academy.

No keywords specified fix it. When we learn how to interpret or read any certain text by learning interpretive paradigms and reading techniques, we will understand the text and what the author wants to represent. Different chapters of the book correspond to different chronological eras after the discovery and colonization of the Americas and to different metaphorical mindsets as manifested in the writings of the authors considered.

Therefore, this will move us to pleasure.