‘David Bodanis attempts to expalin the meaning, beauty and implications of the most famous equation in physics. Thanks to his clarity, wit and enthusiasm. Praise. ‚ÄúThis is not a physics book. It is a history of where the equation [E=mc2] came from and how it has changed the world. After a short. David Bodanis offers an easily grasped gloss on the equation. Not only did it trace the ancestry of E=mc2, but it provided the best biography of women in the.

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Just about everyone has at least heard of Albert Einstein’s formulation ofwhich came into the world as something of an afterthought. This is where Bodanix enters the book at some length: Everyone knows that a biography entails stories of the ancestors, childhood, adolescence and adulthood of your subjects.

For example, he says that GPS satellites need bodajis “relativistic fix” because the satellites are “traveling so fast”. And then, years later 7 years to be precisecame a normal day in my PG course a week or so back. In fairness, this merits three stars. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. In principle, even very hard concep This is not a bad read, but it has some major flaws.

The Joy of Insight: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Covering this much scientific ground bodains hard to get right in a page book. Though I already l Bodanis’ new look at an old equation resulted in a surprisingly fantastic book. When endnotes are used, there is absolutely no indication boddanis the text that there is a back of the bodwnis furtherance of the topic-two members of our book club did not even realize they were there and thus missed the opportunity to add to their reading experience.

Bodanis was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois, and read mathematics, physics and history at the University of Chicago. Each time I read that advid equation “made” something possible, or that something happened as “a result of” the equation, I wanted to stab out my eyes with an ice pick. May 20, Care rated it really liked it Shelves: The format that was chosen was that of endnotes, as opposed to footnotes.


The author explains the scientific concepts clearly, even for my less-scientific mind. Recommended to Revol Koob by: The author explains the scie Excellent book!

Bodanis’ new look at mf2 old equation resulted in a surprisingly fantastic book. So some of the threads felt like teasers leaving me with wanting to know more.

This article is an autobiography or has been extensively edited obdanis the subject or by someone connected to the subject. Without the equation for instance there would have been no atomic bomb, no lasers, no Internet and no science of black holes. His essay appeared at NPR in December D pretty quickly after this great discovery his interests shifted to other topics; his personal story fades from the book, and instead we pick up with other physicists: This book is not what’s advertised.

A must read for anyone interested in learning something or a lot of things new – it is truly accessible for anyone. The stories along the way are as much about passion, love and revenge, as they are about cool scientific discovery. Oct 01, Pages. Given that it focuses on the people as well as the equation, bodahis does not get to into the tech-y aspects of the physics and math behind the equation, it has more of a gossipy quality to it.

But it happens to fit what this book has in it. A Concise Statement By Prof. Nov 29, Iwan rated it it was amazing.

After an interview with Premier magazine, the Hollywood actress Bodaniis Diaz was asked if there was anything she wanted to know. Sure, there’s a 7 microsecond delay due to special relativity from their twice daily orbit around the Earth.

It may need editing to conform to Wikipedia’s neutral point of cm2 policy. This book is a well laid out explanation of each part of the equation, its history, and its role in our universe.


David Bodanis – Wikipedia

This exchange inspired science writer David Bodanis to write a short, lively book davvid at anybody who has ever wondered about Einstein’s equation. The end of the book even looks forward billions of years to show how the equation predicts the Earth will end in flames as the Sun gives one final cosmic belch and how the universe itself will eventually sputter to a stop.

The title bodannis be at least 4 characters long.

But we limit its use mainly to couples. The Constants of Nature. Bodanis writes well and does as good a job of visualising and explaining some pretty abstract concepts. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The Quest for Fusion Energy. For example, E represents energy, and by physicists concluded that energy is conserved.

David Bodanis

View all 4 comments. Then it discusses some of the ramifications of his famous formula. It does not offer any math beyond this deceptively simple equation nor does it explain how the equation relates to the formulas describing the relationship between energy, mass and velocity we learned at school.

From a scientific standpoint, the most memorable chapters were the one where Bodanis explains in subatomic detail exactly how the bomb dropped on Hiroshima wrought its horrific damage, and the one where he explains how the universe will end.

If you would like to know more details and are not afraid of either the odd equation or in depth descriptionsBodanis suggests that you read the notes, where he has taken things a bit further. He looks at the elements ‘e’, ‘m’ and ‘c’; and honours the scientists whose landmark discoveries paved the way for Einstein. Views Read Edit View history.