Doriano Grėjaus portretas. Ponaitis Dorianas Grėjus atvyksta į Viktorijos laikų Londoną ir įsikuria dvare. Pokylyje Dorianas Grėjus susipažįsta. Readers’ questions about Doriano Grėjaus portretas. 42 questions answered. Noriu žinoti, kodėl neduosi į parodą Doriano Grėjaus portreto. Noriu žinoti tikrąją priežastį. – Aš ją pasakiau. – Ne, nieko panašaus. Sakei – dėl to, kad per daug.

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Theatre News Performances Artists Contacts. The beauty of a human face has to be accompanied by a beautiful soul; otherwise the beauty is misleading.

Doriano Grėjaus portretas

So I would definitely recommend the original version. Looking at his appearance, a person sees his inside world. If Wilde himself was a supporter of Aestheticism, then why is this book so cautionary about indulging in beautiful things and beauty for beauty’s sake?

Jekyll and Mister Hyde I don’t want it to be an overdone topic Or if you think the book is immoral, it is because it shows you your own shame. It seems like he was threatning to expose something about Allan’s intimate life that would affect not …more There is no absolute answer for this question.


Doriano Grėjaus portretas – Vikipedija

See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To look one way and act another is …more possibly how we grejauus an image of ourselves which we try to preserve, but its is our actions that defines us. The latter, if beautiful, justifies itself in its own beauty. You better not trust it. Today, people are surrounded by numbers of mirrors, i. SofiaSevero There is no absolute answer for this question.

The mirror gives a person a unique opportunity to see himself, his face, his eyes, and allows for a dialogue with himself. Susanne Wilde might have been cautioning himself, or simply reminding himself that beauty itself is not enough?

For children For adults Guests Archive. However, excessive concentration on oneself portetas the physical appearance is the path to vanity, selfishness, profanity, excellence, egocentrism.

Looking at a portrait is like looking in the mirror. Do readers of doriaho the censored and uncensored versions find reading the new version worth it? There are theories that he had an actual homoerotic relationship with Dorian. Faustus, Frankenstein, Turn of the screw or the strange case of Dr. Load 5 more questions.

However, in the latter piece of work, the content was considerably gloomier The mirror is our personal portrait of the present.

A person recognizes himself in a portrait. Repertoire Tickets and information.


And these two worlds may merge. Why do I hate this book with such a passion? Looking in the mirror, a person can enter another world.

To look one way and act grejzus is ruinous. Ava I read the censored version and I could definitely tell that something was missing.

Cesar Ramirez Because it represents to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit. The beauty and success mean nothing without love, close people, and walk together.

I found the censored version disturbing, though I’m used to reading Edwardian novels. All of them create cracks in the visible world and the material fabric; they are like windows to another world. Wait, to question and keep thinking, is that the point of the book? It seems like he was threatning to expose something about Allan’s intimate life that would affect not only him but also his family.