Dumog – Filipino Wrestling Martial Arts. Dumog is a Filipino style of stand-up wrestling. It also refers to the grappling techniques used by many. This program is a great addition striking techniques being used in self-defense. Mano-mano is an empty hands system taught in the Kombatan. Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. The techniques of Dumog are few, and simple.

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Both systems can be combined or learnt independently. How do you grab a tough guy’s upper arm you’ll probably need both of your own to do it to move him? Ricardo Liborio showed it to me during one of his techniwues to Tokyo.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog

ddumog That makes the river the controlling point When you choke the river, you choke the tributaries. This bark of a tree is freshly cut with the juice still fresh became the useful medicinal liquid that will help to harden the hand.

If he already has you at a disadvantage. The thrusting of the hand is continuous until the feeling of numbness is attained.

Vu spends a fair amount of time on set-ups. Dumog Techniques As A Sport Dumog techniques are considered as a natural sport and a natural ground combat fighting art. It is certainly a versatile one. During the hardening, while the forearm is smashed against the branch, the juice of the bark is medicinal that helps to harden the forearm. The players during tecbniques can immediately used the Dumog technique to outbalance each other.


Chinese Japanese Korean Okinawan. As the opponent regains balance, simply twist the head in the opposite direction and repeat the process. Using Kali’s triangle footwork to off balance and maneuver the attacker into throws, sweeps, and takedowns. Particularly if you have practiced a couple of techniques that will work to free yourself from the attacker, it is also important to strike effectively before the pressure from the lock or hold causes extreme pain or unconsciousness.

You must respond-not by fighting his energy, but by pulling it. In fact, Vu doesn’t look impressive at all when he executes most of the moves. Finally remember that the attacker is always vulnerable somewhere.

Because of the twisting of the body, the opponent receiving the push must walk diagonally, thus causing him to become extremely off balance. Views Read Edit View history. Either one may start or finish a sequence, depending on the techniqeus presented by the opponent. Dumog is primarily concerned with felling an opponent in such a way as to cause maximum damage to joints, ligaments and tendons followed by a ferocious flurry of ground striking techniques designed to distract and disable an opponent prior to applying a pin, lock or choke.

He is assuming that the man will attack with a jab. In other words, you have to be more careful with this one. Digital Editions are also available. Be careful of your face, because his forehead is probably going to smash it. Traditionally opponents would engage by holding a belt or encircling each other’s waist and attempt tecbniques throw and unbalance each other.

Now lay your forearm in his inner elbow and rotate counterclockwise in a standard whirlpool pattern.


Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog – FMA Pulse

After the numbness is removed then the hands are wrapped with thick clothes for keeping the techniquess and the nerves safe against water or air that may cause bad effect into the hand blade. But as Bruce Lee might have said, “food doesn’t hit back”.

According to him, you jerk the man’s face into your headbutt. Dumog Also known as Filipino wrestling Focus Grappling Country of origin Philippines Olympic sport no Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial arts.

Above, Igor and Alon demonstrate the dumog head twist positions. Dumog Tactics of Defense 1. The Filipino art of grappling includes a wide range of locks, known as trankadas, chokes, throws, trips, sweeps and pins which blend and flow naturally from the empty handed boxing and kicking methods, applied with or without a weapon. Technique, in this case, is an understanding of controlling points, or choke points.

This is when you proceed to the devastating arts of head dumog. Both players put their two hands at the back. Using arm levels, pushing, pulling, and control of the head.

The first principle is not to waste strength wrestling with an opponent. Remember, as with the use of any technique, nothing is foolproof.

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