2 Heavy Concerns about ECE-R 64 with TPMS –The ECE R64 is about temporary use spare wheels / tires. It is not made to specify TPMS. –There are two. R Temporary use spare unit, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre http:// ECE R Supplement 2 Temporary use spare wheels/tyres, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre pressure monitoring system.

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This requirement does not apply to tell-tales shown in a common space. Rim Position The vehicle rims may be positioned at any wheel position, consistent with any related instructions or limitations efe the vehicle’s manufacturer. The test shall be performed when there is no wind liable to affect the results. The braking performance shall correspond to the test procedure given in Regulation No.

No, there are not. For vehicles having at least four wheels, the load capacity of the temporary-use spare unit shall be at least equal to one half of the highest of the maximum axle loads of the vehicle; if its use is restricted to a specific axle mentioned in the instructions in Paragraph 6.

Determine whether the tell-tale has extinguished. This value will be used for subsequent operations. The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the vehicle data plate affixed by the manufacturer. Number of test report: Penalties for Non-conformity of Production However, if use of the temporary-use spare unit is restricted to a specific axle, the test shall be carried out only with the temporary-use spare unit fitted to that axle.

Vehicle type if applicable, variants that are included: The Administrative Department issuing the extension of approval shall assign a series number to each communication form drawn up for such an extension.


The load condition shall not be modified during the test. The approval granted in respect of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation may be withdrawn if the requirements laid down in Paragraph 8 are not complied with.

After a 5min period, reactivate the vehicle’s ignition locking system to the ”On” ”Run” position. The stopping distance achieved using a maximum force of N applied to the foot control, shall not exceed If the system is blocked by external influence e. Lower case text shall at least have a line height of 5mm. All InterRegs documents are formatted as PDF files and contain the rr64 text, tables, diagrams and illustrations of the original as issued by the national government authority.

Road Test Surface The road shall have a surface affording good adhesion.

DUNLOP TECH |Tire pressure warning system -> Frequently asked questions

Procedure for the diffusion test to verify the requirements of Paragraph 5. Home Imprint Data privacy statement Sitemap. If necessary, drive the vehicle until the tell-tale has been extinguished.

With the vehicle in the normal use condition, simulate a Run-Flat Warning System failure. The department may then either: The vehicle shall be loaded to its maximum mass as defined in Paragraph 2.

Upper case letters shall be at least 5mm high and the numbers “” and “75” shall be at least 20mm high with the elements that make up each character of the number at least 3mm line thickness.

A vehicle representative of the vehicle type to be approved shall be submitted to the 6r4 Approval Authority or the Technical Service responsible for conducting the approval tests. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have appreciable adverse effects and that in any event the vehicle still complies with the requirements; or 7.


If the warning signal as required in Paragraph 2. Vehicle features which significantly influence the performances of the tyre pressure monitoring system; 2.

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Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of: In many cases it is a standard component of the vehicle equipment, albeit sometimes for a small additional charge. If the low tyre pressure signal did not illuminate, discontinue the test. It may be a: The sum of the total cumulative drive time shall be the lesser of 10min or the time at which the low tyre pressure tell-tale illuminates. Tire pressure warning system Weiter. Reset the system in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.

The vehicle shall be brought to a halt and the ignition switched off. Date of test report: Does the European E64 regulation stipulate whether the tyre pressure monitoring system has to be direct or indirect?

The Administrative Department shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production before type approval is granted.

A g64 installation into a vehicle is not yet possible. The whole speed range shall be covered during the test. Additional information about the significance of the low tyre pressure warning tell-tale illuminating and a description of the corrective action to be undertaken if this happens.