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Despite legal mandates by international bodies such as the International Labour Organisation ILO Conventionthe Munduruku have not been consulted by the Brazilian government on the construction of these three dams.

edital abin pdf – PDF Files

The wbin was green. If the Brazilian government does not take action to protect those rights, and prosecute criminals with the full weight of the law, murders like these will become all too common. Two men were convicted, and landowner Jose Rodrigues Moreira was accused of hiring the assassins to shoot the couple after they opposed the eviction of three families who lived on his farm.

Local magistrates are being called upon to issue writs of ‘Mandado Proibitivo,’ which amount to restraining orders for protesters, preventing them from demonstrating near the construction sites.

Six landowners have subsequently been arrested. According to a mandate from the Federal Ministry, the troops will remain onsite at Belo Monte for at least 90 days – they could stay indefinitely. Intimidation across Brazil The culture of intimidation is not restricted to dam sites. Cofferdams have diverted approximately 5 kilometres of the Xingu’s main channels into one narrow channel of meters, making boat transport extremely dangerous.


Raimundo Irineu Serra Inst. If the operation does not stop According to the report the workers living arrangements were ‘subhuman Donor governments came together in Paris, France from March 20 to 21, to start negotiations for the 17th replenishment of the International Development Association fund. Belo Monte has already begun to seriously damage livelihoods and the environment.

The people of the Xingu have opposed the dam since the ‘s. Brasileira para o Desenv. A congressional panel has summoned the directors of the Belo Monte Consortium to explain how sex slavery could be conducted on the very premises of the Belo Monte dam.

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Amazon Dossier The Ecologist: It is a megadam. For 1, kilometres the river wanders through grasslands, savannahs, wooded archipelagos, pouring over the great cataracts at the Fall of Itamaraca. Their public statement reads: Everywhere, the protests of the Brazilian riverine communities are being drowned out by the sound of construction – and they are being suppressed with military and police presence.

The Three Gorges dam in China, the largest dam in the wdital, displaced 1.

According to Brazilian newspaper Aditalmany of the dam workers support the protesters cause, comparing Belo Monte’s labour conditions to a abiin. As Philip Fearnside points out, ‘Belo Monte itself is economically unviable because the highly seasonal water flow in the river would leave the 11, MW main powerhouse completely idle during months out of the year The people of the Xingu are invading the construction sites of Belo Monte because they are desperate.


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All aibn Brazil, even now, the Amazon’s waterways are being blocked and diverted. But the scheme was redesigned between and In July ten men from a private security firm were arrested for the murder. The dams are planned by the parastatal energy company, Eletronorte and its private sector partners, among them Brazilian construction giant Camargo Correa and the engineering firm CNEC, owned by Worley Parsons of Australia.

All the evidence suggests that the Brazilian government will need to build more dams to make the Belo Monte Dam viable. Belo Monte probably won’t be capable of delivering the promised, massive output.

Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world and the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil. Uptake Avin Copenhaga Despite the people of the Xingu’s desperate opposition, despite condemnation from intergovernmental organisations and the international community at large, despite the urgent warnings of scientists that this dam is an environmental catastrophe, the construction of Belo Monte is being pushed forward.