*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Forastero en el Camino a Emaús ( Stranger Rd to Emmaus) Juan R. Cruz El libro más atacado e incomprendido. Stream El Forastero camino a Emaus free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, . El Forastero en el Camino a Emmaus. 5 likes. Book.

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The reader engages with the damino of the Bible for himself. I agree with the other comments. Many men have come to genuine saving faith in Christ through the teaching of the course here in the prison.

My favorite chapter is ‘Filthy Rags’. I have shared it with Bible study teachers and pastors that were blessed by the clarity of the teaching which always glorifies God.

My review seems weak for the DVD study, but the DVD study is my favorite because the story is brought alive with physical representations i. Design of GoodSeed tools. If you are reading this review I encourage you to purchase this book. The Spirit used it in a wonderful way.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Using Stranger on the Forasgero with kids My husband is leading a class in our church using the Stranger on the Road videos. It would also be a good book for someone who has been a Christian for a long time who has not spent much time reading through the bible or maybe just needs a better understanding of how it all fits together.

A great tool for personal study or cqmino in groups. Thank you for writing emmus This is also a great book for new Christians or Christians who are not well grounded in the truth x scripture. For years, I had hoped to find a book like this to pass on to friends.


I think the best approach is to get people to commit to coming to your home for a weekly study with the DVD. I’m still working on foraetero just that and I am happy to have a resource like “The Stranger” to turn to! The book manages to explain the primary message of the Bible in lucid, well-explained layman’s terms,which allows an introductory level Bible reader to easily comprehend the message, yet is also cwmino a great read for one who is quite well versed in Scripture.

Showing the video series is a must with your young and older children. They are sad that it is almost over and have asked if there is anymore videos that we can do. El Forastero en el Camino a Emaus. Appropriate for these audiences: Useful for discipleship and back-to-basics teaching of believers.

If the Bible were a puzzle, this book clearly puts all the pieces together. Guide a Bible study. It was so well-received that once we finished it, we were then able to start studying one of the books of the Bible Mark.

I was already in Christ before reading this book, but it did help me to understand things I had not yet fully grasp. I am currently using this book along with the DVD series which is almost word for word out of the book to share the gospel with unsaved friends in my home on a weekly basis.

Which Chinese edition do I give my friend? Also written with lots of respect for people with different opinions. Begins with the creation of the universe, and then progressing sequentially through key Old Testament stories, it moves into the New Testament to reveal the meaning of the cross and the tomb.


I’ve been a Christian for 11 years and this is by far the best book you will read that clearly illustrates the message of the Bible.

It’s also a great tool to use in order to help you to explain the gospel to cmino.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Easy reading and a really powerful message for believers and non-believers alike. I used this video set with small groups with Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, and others and found it biblically sound and clearly instructional.

The Story that Matters. Our group from the previous course wanted a better knowledge and understanding than caamino had received about who Jesus is.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus | GoodSeed

I bought this for ek parents who attend ek Catholic Church and are watching it. Model of Messiah as a thank you for partnering with us. He had a big stumbling block about Jesus and about suffering his wife endured before she died. I was very pleased reading this great book. Several of those men have made clear professions of faith in the Lord Jesus and they continue until this day. It explains the major themes of the Bible in an easy to understand format and shows how the whole Bible points to our need for a savior, the one and only, Jesus Christ.

Simply put, it just makes the Bible SO clear.

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