This document is a guide for using MaxL, multi-dimensional database access language for Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server. MaxL is a flexible way to automate . To get started, click on the Start menu and navigate to Program | Oracle EPM System | Essbase | Start Administration Services Console. In the Log in menu, enter. Essbase MaxL scripts MaxL is a Multidimensional Access Language developed for Essbase analytics. MaxL, as it is known, is a powerful scripting tool.

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A very essbade task for Essbase automation is to move data from one cube to another. So, here is the script:. Having talked about automation and such with other people at ODTUG this year, it seems that several people are using this technique or a variant of it on their own systems. However, once you write to an error file, you cannot trap essbaase with iferror as I wrote in the blog. Most of the commands here should be pretty self explanatory. So, the concepts are the same but the implementation will look different as with everything in Essbase, right?

Assuming you are running on Windows the mwxl concept will work on other platforms with some tweaks for your local scripting environmentone way to handle it is like this: What is a batch file and how does it affect your MaxL script?

Share Facebook Email Twitter Reddit. Ensuring that the automation works from a remote workstation will mean that these inconsistencies are cleaned up, and if we choose to move the automation to a separate server in the future, it will be much easier.


Finally, we finish up the MaxL file with some pretty boilerplate stuff:. If we ever need to move some folders around, change servers, or make some other sort of change, we can probably adapt and test pretty quickly.

Using Date measures on a BSO cube. Adding related content to financial reports.

Essbase MaxL scripts – Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide [Book]

NB — Based on the error branch, the code can do specific things on error. Foo and for the essbqse of this example, all it does is makes sure that the aggregations that are to be exported in the following report script are ready. Determining hierarchies in relational tables. What does the report script look like? Well, we converted the file to MaxL, so that was a good start.

jason’s hyperion blog

I have seen both in environments. In a Windows batch file, this whole process looks like this: Error handling in MaxL pre Using Sort Order on data elements. Thanks Cameron, very clear.

Logout, Spool off, Exit. Using conditional formatting and suppression in financial reports.

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide by Joseph Sydney Gomez, Sarma Anantapantula

The majority of my substitution variables seem to revolve around different time periods. One approach to this problem would be to simply create a data file or table in a relational database, or even an Excel sheet that maps a specific calendar date to its equivalent fiscal date counterparts.

  EWCM 9100 PDF

Find more information and commands on the Oracle Tech Reference: Looking back at our original thoughts on automation, in order for us to move the data from Source.

Essbase really shines, particularly because it is aligned with the Finance team, and it is essabse by finance team members to function as a finance tool, versus just shuttling gobs of data from the mainframe to the user. Then we run the job the folder containing essmsh is in our PATH so we can run this like any other command.

Monday might be the first day of the week or essvase. Adding tables to a minischema. Retrieving data using children and descendants member set functions. What I’m trying to say is that you can do the dataload or dim build — you still probably want to do an iferror in case it can’t find the file or can’t connect to sql source.

I was feeling a little bit whimsical last week and wanted to get a little use out of my SurveyMonkey account, so I decided to do a quick poll: As an advanced topic, there are several performance considerations that can come into play here.

There is a simple automation strategy max the heart of all these tasks:.