Written well over a century ago, John Uri Lloyd was a visionary who spoke of far distant worlds, dead civilizations, other dimensions and in particular, a world few . Etidorhpa, by John Uri Lloyd, [], full text etext at : Etidorhpa (): John Uri Lloyd: Books. Etidorhpa and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

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Word circulated that its author would field no questions regarding its nature. One man’s journey deep underground, and the unusual life forms he finds there.

Etidorhpa; or, The End of Earth. by John Uri Lloyd

Gil Lopez rated it really liked it Dec 04, Fiction was a way to make an argument without having to stake your professional reputation on it. Oddly enough I was looking up the Tricky Cad things recently to remind myself who did them.

Instead his captor’s plan to “annihilate you as a mortal being, and yet you will exist, suspended between life and death. But there was a place for the ideas that he was playing with: But Nicholas Money, a world-famous mycologist jon Miami University, is someone who has thought about such issues far more than most, and he disagrees.

Etidorhpa – Wikipedia

Oct 23rd, It took me a few tries to make it through Etidorhpa, plunging deeper into the book each time. Not again the Underworld of mythology.


Mark Twain was a dinner companion, Grover Cleveland was just someone he went fishing with, and he was once commissioned by the Smithsonian to conduct a scientific survey of licorice in the Ottoman Empire. They chose the right picture for the decade anyway!

Top it off with a wild magic mushroom trip. Etidorhpa, or The End of Earth: Except that a hundred years on, people remain befuddled by Etidorhpa.

John Uri Lloyd: To Infinity And Beyond – Cincinnati Magazine

The complex structure of the books begins with a Preface signed by Lloyd, which presents the frame concept, that Lloyd has discovered a thirty-year-old manuscript by Llewellyn Drury in a library. Preview — Etidorhpa by John Uri Lloyd. Feb 16, Gary D. This was a trippy, trippy book! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Science fictionFantasy. Definitely provides much food for thought.

And for that reason, along with their inability to come up with accepted standards and practices, Eclecticism was attacked by mainstream medical institutions. Immerse yourselves in this one and give me This was a trippy, trippy book!

But it isn’t as one would expect. If not for one trip up in the last three chapters I might have rated it higher, but it changed the etldorhpa half way through and the understanding of the whole journey. He kept one foot in civil society, and one on the other side. As that quote suggests, Lloyd may have loved science a little too much. Authority ruled with an iron hand, and the man who presumed to even question aloud, was likely to be crucified.


After betraying the alchemist’s Illuminati he was kidnapped, thrown into a coach with a corpse strapped down on the seat next to you, taken to a cabin in the wood Pseudoscientific claptrap, egidorhpa dullest acid trip ever committed to paper. What did the book mean? Etidorhpa belongs to a subgenre of fiction that shares elements of science fiction, fantasyutopian fictionand scientific or pseudoscientific speculation. Has long passages about various aspects of science, especially geology.

In he moved to Se, a complicated crossing during the Civil War. John Uri Lloyd was speaking in jphn Westminster Hotel, a Victorian brick structure with a castle-like facade that would have looked right in place parked at the foot of Mt.