Start planning your Eurail adventure here. You can see the average train travel times between all the big European cities on the train map below. Wherever you . Look up train times and useful information any time, any place with the best Rail Planner App in the market. It even works offline. Look up European trains and their departure times in our timetable and check out our railway map with approximate travel times. You can also download our.

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European Railway Map

This protection covers the cost of replacement tickets rtain to the remaining value of your Pass, if it gets lost or stolen. Back to top Luxembourg Eurail passes give unlimited travel on The maximum length of a Eurail trip is 3 months. No problem, you just need to buy a ticket to cover the section of journey within the country that’s not covered by your pass.

Look for the words More services under the prices and click it. If you’d like to know more about a specific route, just visit our Popular Routes section.

Use our tool to find out which Pass you need. Find your hotel in Europe. Rail Europe has a pretty good system for choosing which rail pass or combination of passes would be best for you, depending on which countries you’re visiting, how many days actual train travel you plan to do, an how many total days you plan to spend in each country.

Back to top Ireland Eurail passes give unlimited travel on Be the first to know about our latest deals, like our winter SALE, and receive a free travel magazine.

However, reservations eurai required for IC trains in Portugal timwtable long distance trains in Norway. But if in reality you’ll only use it for one journey on any given day that could easily be booked in advance, compare the cost of that pass to the following advance-purchase fares: Seats Book your train seats with our reservations team.


Everything you need to know about Eurail |

When the results appear, you must select the ‘refundable’ price as this is the passholder reservation obvious if you look at the prices, the other fares are for complete tickets not just reservations! Passholder places are quota-controlled, see the advice here.

For trains to, from or within Austria Back to top Belgium Eurail passes give unlimited travel on You need to select at least 1 traveler. Now click Ticket already exists.

Read all about Europe’s scenic trains. Note that there’s no senior pass, so seniors must buy an adult or saver pass. You can check Portuguese point-to-point fares at www. Renfe’s Spain Pass works differently from the Eurail Spain pass, as it gives a set number of journeys, not unlimited travel – you can pay for between 4 and 12 journeys in a one-month period.

Reservations required for all long distance trains, cost not known. How to buy a Eurail pass.

Only a 2nd class ticket or pass is now needed for all Nightjet accommodation types, this is new from No supplement to pay, seat reservation optional. Porto-Vigo by express regional train: Zurich to Prague timetzble EuroNight sleeper train, very approximate: Plan your Rail Trip in Europe From starting your journey to planning your next.

Reservation not necessary or even possible. So a day pass works out cheaper per day than a 5-day pass. Tgain passes are also valid in 2nd teain on competing hourly Westbahn trains Salzburg-Vienna, www. Where can I go? We all love getting a good deal, right?


The only proviso is that you cannot change trains after midnight, and that both the departure day and arrival day must fall within the overall validity period of the pass.

Eurail Rail Planner App | Best Rail App, Mobile Rail Planner, Train App

Consider buying a normal advance-purchase ticket instead. If you have kidsthey get a Eurail pass for free, so this might tip the balance towards a pass. Conditions of use All rights, timetagle the right of reproduction except for the purpose eurqil program execution on your own Smartphonedistribution and processing in whatever form, shall remain vested in the manufacturers.

Choose your travel date and time and hit ‘Find your train route’ to search for trains. It’s timtable to make eruail reservation online at www.

Going from A to B? To buy passholder tickets for Eurostar see the advice here to book online and print your own e-ticket. Use the advice here You can’t beat a railpass for freedom to explore, and a pass may well save money over longer-distance full-flex fares bought at the station if you travel far enough each dayeven if it costs more than cheap advance-purchase fares. Overseas travel agents often don’t know about these cheap advance-purchase train fares, and overseas ticketing agency sites even well-advertised ones like Rail Europe often can’t access the cheap fares for every route.

Eurail Rail Planner App

Add to wish list Remove from wish list. In Europe, cars and city centres don’t mix. Now click on the easy-to-miss dark grey button below the list of prices which says View other offers.

Trwin are two exceptions