FAA 8900.1 PDF

ORDER. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION. National Policy. Effective Date: 09/13/ SUBJ. 8/1/ CHG 1. UNCONTROLLED COPY WHEN DOWNLOADED. Check with FSIMS to verify current version before using. VOLUME 10 SAFETY. Number: ; Title: Flight Standards Information Management System; Type: Order; Date Issued: May 01, ; Responsible Office: AFS; Access.

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Air Racecourses format and description. Maintenance Requirements for High-Pressure Cylinders.


Both demonstration and competitive events are normally conducted over a fixed, short-distance racecourse, usually located on or adjacent to an 8090.1.

Change 34 to Aircraft Dispatcher Training and Qualification Programs. General Aviation Designee Management. Attachments will be reviewed, and the applicant will be expected to take corrective action, if required.

Instrument Flight Procedure Validation. Introduction to Part Airworthiness Related Tasks. Airplane Performance and Airport Data.

Application must be made at least 90 days prior to closed-course air race event. The Proving and Validation Test Process. Change 2 to Included within these two purposes were four areas that needed examination as part of the process.


Suggestions to Improve Accreditation Process. To provide an acceptable margin of safety, the difference between fa turn radius and the scatter radius is multiplied by a safety factor of 1.

Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS)

Distribute the package to applicable FSDOs. Conclusion of the Preapplication Phase. Size Limits for Bonded Repairs. Change 71 to Detection of Falsified or Altered Airman Certificate. Additional Aircraft Type Specific Training. Roads to this kind of a racecourse layout must be completely closed off to the spectator area during the race.

Flightcrew Basic Indoctrination Curriculum Segments. Environmental Considerations and Responsibilities.

The letter of intent must include, at a minimum, a brief narrative of proposed operation with pictorial diagram s as necessary see Figure Change 65 to Change 5 to 8900.1 The maximum racecourse altitude will be based on course design as it relates to scatter distance with a 50 percent safety factor.

Change 82 to After initial accreditation, revisions or amendments to these documents may also be submitted for acceptance. Change 38 to If any of the documents are unacceptable, they are returned to the applicant.


Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting.

Emphasis in this phase is on compliance with regulations and safe operating practices. Investigation and Enforcement-Related Tasks. General Inspector Guidance and Raa.

Organizations may be disqualified from accreditation for any of the following reasons: An electronic version can be sent as well for expediency. All air race organizations that receive accreditation by the FAA must be reaccredited every 24 calendar-months unless canceled, suspended, superseded, or revoked.

Change 69 faq Certification of a Part Training Center.