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What’s the Name o The climax, the high point of the story, is simply too short, too understated. I remember the first time I heard about Melina Marchetta and her special fragrance of awesome she regularly emits whenever she publishes a novel.

Indeed her words resonate within us, mesmerizing, alternating between descriptions full of details and short sentences when the finnikni requires it. To me, it is not only lifelessbut also sluggish and inexpressive ; you know the Hm.

There are no interpersonal consequences for her behavior. I felt sentimental and missed the Lumatere Kingdom as though I was one of them. Removing all the rape, you would be left with a pretty typical YA fantasy with ok characters and a reasonably predictable plot, but IMO it’s the story isn’t good enough to justify reading. Overall, this was an interesting experience and I’m pretty sure High Fantasy people will love this. Oh y lo mejor es que el “super mega plot twist de la vida” lo vi venir antes de llegar al primer cuarto de libro.


It is a condemnation of war and of its horrors, it denounces persecutions for political, ethnic or religious reasons, it opens a window on people, at any latitude and climate, whose dignity has been taken away together with their homeland.

So, you should know that i am writing this review while having in mind that i have also read the rest of this series. Finnikin is snarky, strong, smart, but also a bit hot-headed at times.

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No matter what book I read about, all books of this author have a very high rating. The innocent minority burned at the stake? View all 69 comments. As it is, I don’t. Naturally, this sort of thing isn’t a problem for an author like Melina Marchetta. There are so many wonderful characters and all of them were so well done Journey, journey, here, journey, journey, there, and then let’s go visit a prostitute.

Finnikin of the Rock

After finishing it I was left speechless – Melina Marchetta has this effect on people. I’ve heard good recommendations.

The author has a decent voice and the world and situation was interesting. This is YA Fantasy at it’s finest. The world building is amazing. It annoyed me to no end. To Evanjalin the word logic was probably a foreign word, for no human being would have acted like that, or maybe one with a very very twisted logic. And I am looking forward to finally finishing the series. Women were never just allowed to be strong they meina to show vulnerability as well.


: Melina Marchetta: Books

Here’s one of my favorite passages from Froi of the Exiles. I feel like I’ve already wasted enough mental energy slogging through scene after unnecessary marchtta of melodramatic dialog and sweeping generalizations in place of compelling content. I found the characters annoying, whiny and one dimensional.

This book takes a little bit to actually get going and took me about pages to fully get into it, but when it gets good it gets so good. I cannot respect Finn anymore.

I tried so hard to finish this book. Open Preview See a Problem? Finnikin of the Rock, son of the captain of the King’s guard, searches and hopes to find his childhood friend, the rightful heir to the throne, Balthazar.

View all 6 comments. These connections make Finnikin, Sir Topher and Evanjalin open up on their pasts, life experiences and fears. I understand she went through more than any person should have to endure, but her actions and her attitude throughout the book did not endear me to her.