François Rabbath (born in Aleppo, Syria) is a contemporary French double- bass player, Another technique used by Francois Rabbath is the Crab Technique, named for the way the hand movement resembles a crab’s sideways walking. François Rabbath demonstrates his crab fingering system as an alternative to traditional shifting. In contrast, the New Method of François Rabbath and his followers divides the double bass into six positions and navigates the notes in each of these large.

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Rabbath want to have fun also, was his answer. In his mid-life Rabbath worried about finances and auditioned for a position in the Paris Opera Orchestra.

I had somehow acquired enough basic technique on my own over the years that I really just jumped into some rather ,ethod literature. One of my double bass tutors started me on simandl. Rabbath countered this by inventing the pivot. Sure wish it would be reprinted!! Please rabbatth by adding reliable sources. Hi Jason, I was just wondering, has your opinion of the Rabbath technique changed since you had a lesson with Sturm?

Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog

Those books give you the same scale like 5 different ways and positions that way you can never be caught off-gaurd for fingerings. It would certainly be very difficult to make signifcant progress in the Rabbath technique using a large, wide shouldered, heavy bass with a straight endpin. Years later, I found a Suzuki teacher who was willing to take me on, and I flourished.

They have collaborated on compositions and recordings and surely their friendship has fueled their desire to be musical together. The use of the ring finger helps develop advanced technique in the middle register very quickly if applied diligence. Probably we should study every system to enlarge our possibilities of fingerings.

The note is more important than the fingering and one should eventually be able to dispense with the annotation of the score. If poor techniques are ingrained at an early age they are almost impossible to fix.

He also began to make jazz mmethod pop recordings and this desire to record has continued through his life reports Reelp. The Simandl New Method teaches a bass player all of the necessary skills to play orchestral music. Here is what I like about this method:. I bass player friend of mine came over and mentioned the Rabbath Method.


It sounds like we use a lo of the same methods. Second, he believed students should learn to play rabbafh double bass as soloists, no matter what their ultimate musical rwbbath would be Rabbath,p. Rabbath did not think the tailor would sell him the frzncois so he stole it! Dan Swaim did a wonderful job putting together the Suzuki bass books. Even more bizarrely in Book 2 dealing with thumb position he expands the fingering onto the A string fully. I try to make sure the student comes away with a strong set up…a secure left hand shape and a parallel bow.

From 4th position you can extend the fingers and use one per semitone which rabbwth things up immensely and makes playing much easier. He was born into a Syrian family of musicians but his only instruction came from a book written by a Parisian bassist Edouard Nanny. I believe the result of this journey is a synthetic approach that combines the strongest elements of each set of practices into a cohesive yet open architecture that consistently produces rapid progress for my students… and now their students as well.

I can really only speak as a student at this point. Similarly, Rabbath developed and named the crab technique, wherein a finger is never lifted from the string until the next finger is placed. Rabbath offers exercises to practice the crab technique but notes that the scales exercises and fingerings must be completed before the student can hope to be successful at the crab technique Rabbath,p.

Sorry for my no correct English, but I listen today to young students which play better and better which one or the other system. On the other hand, they were learning their positions well even if they were bored. Thanks for your rabbatb blogging, your place its helping a lot for the world bass comunity. One of the difficulties with our instrument is how non-standardized it is in so many ways. An extension is a widening of the hand to reach a new note [as outlined by Zimmermann].

Im working know for about a Franvois and my studies prooved to be a very good complement for my students. Then on to the tune where elements of these technical exercises can be re introduced to solve a particular technical issue within a given solo.


I would vote for Simandl.

But thanks to the diagrams and music examples Rabbath was able to make connections between printed notes and positions on the strings of the double bass. Not only did Rabbath not speak French at this time but also he could not read music. In Simandl’s system, first position below thumb position encompasses only a whole step.

Subscribe to get our weekly newsletter covering the double bass world. Both were as comfortable playing chamber music at a formal concert one day and improvising with jazz musicians the next.

Rabbath versus Simandl – a comparative study for double bass – Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog

I started out learning the double bass from a student of the orchestra that I used to play in. The technique is outlined in the third volume of the Rabbath Method and allows for part of the hand to move while the other part remains and vice versa — in this way the hand can move up and down the string in certain passages without ever fully shifting. There was an error submitting your subscription. It moved doggedly slow, and was extremely boring. Coming from a bassist who had no private lessons for most of his bass playing years minus collegeI found that the Dr.

Right know I like to publish my small book, because many people of different countries asked me for it mostly latinamerican countries because the text its in spanish Maybe you can help me contact some editorial that you think they will be interested on.

François Rabbath – Wikipedia

Playing something pleasing to the ear makes a huge difference in how the student feels about their new instrument. In addition to these great compositions, Rabbath has also contributed to the recordings available for bass players to listen to. To really appreciate the simandl and get the maximum result out of it, I feel one really mfthod to already have a basic knowledge of the bass.