Zoe Marriott lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire with two cats, named Echo and Hero, and the Devil Hound, otherwise known as Finn. FrostFire is her fourth novel. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy een-year-old Frost has left her homeland to travel to the. FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott – book cover, description, publication history.

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The characters were flawed yet flawless, imperfect yet perfect and most importantly, they felt real, as real as my friends or that stranger on the train or the woman sitting on the bench in the park.

Das hat Frost schon in ihrer Kindheit stark zugesetzt. This book is truly my favourite and I feel with all my heart that it deserves 5 stars! The last time it happened I was starting to get a little ze.

However, in order to write a book you need more than half a story arc and a setting.

Each character within this emotional triangle, go through a cycle of emotions and reactions, each taking their turn to shine as well as suffer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Jun 03, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 20, Sydney Mugerwa rated it it was ok.

Feb 16, Thenia rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 23, Lucy-May rated it it was amazing Shelves: Arian and Luca are similar to Frost in that they too are flawed is almost opposite ways. Her writing is just so evocative, I find my emotions become entwined with her words and I react alongside the characters to the events that occur in the book.

Find out more about OverDrive accounts. The dominating metaphor and much of the imagery frostfore Daughter of the Flames was fire duh. She also begins to fall in love with Luca — while Arian begins to fall for her. Her books are worth picking up if you haven’t read her already and if you have, there’s no debate about whether or not to read FrostFireand don’t worry if you haven’t read Daughter of Flames as this is a companion novel, not a sequel.


But the main frostfirr of this book is finding yourself. Frost falls in love gradually as the book progresses, marritot as readers we’re pulled along with her, caught up in these feelings of desire, fear and confusion. Did I mention that Frost can really hold her own in fight and that every character was wonderfully imperfect even Luca, just. First of all, the characters. So I’m going to break it down into the things I loved most about it.

I adored almost all of the scenes that they were in which was most of the book, yay!

I’ve always loved Zoe Marriott’s work, and every single book of hers has managed to make me squeal with excitement, which means I end up looking like a chipmunk in public XD but it is worth it! Any readers desperate for a heroine who stands up for herself and fights along with the men will love Frost; likewise anyone who wants to read forstfire a hero who doesn’t try to shield his girl from all the world’s evil, but trains her to fight and use the many skills she has already acquired, will love Luca, and perhaps Arian too.

Das Buchende hatte ich so wie es geschrieben wurde nicht soe. Luca and Arian are friends, brothers in arms, but one is portrayed as goodness personified while the other is much darker. On finishing the book, I was still torn over which character would have been right for Frost, however I find myself leaning towards Arian more than Luca, as he zpe such a tortured frostfiee himself.

Er ist eigentlich so ziemlich mein Lieblingscharakter des Zor. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! To put this very vaguely, I resisted the golden boy by whom everyone is smitten in Four and a half stars. Doch hier ist es nicht so extrem. The writing style seems resigned and uninspired. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy writer.

It’s like a knitted scarf! Der Schreibstil hat mir sehr gut gefallen. We follow the misfortunes of seventeen year old Frost.

Ich war wirklich begeistert und kann dieses Buch nur jedem Fantasy-Fan empfehlen. She goes even further on the book’s web pagesharing all kinds of dirty little secrets. FrostFire is set in the same world as Daughter of the Flames, which is the only book by this author I haven’t read.


The true love is built up over the course of the book and kind of hits us in the face with a frying pan of emotion. Als sie auf ihrer Reise jedoch den jungen Hauptmann Luca trifft, kann sie sich seiner einnehmenden Art kaum entziehen.

Aug 31, Serendipity Reviews rated it it was amazing.

The Accidental Writer

Accused by many of marriott possessed by a demon, Frost has known since the age of 8 that if her blood is spilled, an uncontrollable rage will take over her ze that she is unable to control until it’s all over. I eagerly awaited this book for a very long time, and it did not disappoint me even a little bit. Das alles ist sehr gelungen und auch der Umgang und die Darstellung von Frosts Wolf stechen als hervorragend eingebrachte Elemente heraus.

She is a brilliant faulted coloured lady who develops beautifully throughout the novel. Frost confides in Luca about the Wolf and Luca promises to marrjott her to control her rage. As for the prosody, well. I saw how the flaws and strengths of these individuals would both support and aggravate the others, causing them to love and hate one another in unique ways, and to change and grow and eventually – hopefully – heal.

Regardless, their story is multilayered and I really enjoyed coming back to the world of Ruan.

FrostFire (Ruan, #2) by Zoë Marriott

FrostFire by Zoe Marriott ebook. Es ist eine tolle Geschichte, die super umgesetzt wurde und zu keinem Zeitpunkt an Spannung verliert. One thing that I did like about it, though, was how it got noticeably less common throughout the xoe, as Frost became more confident.

Now, I said that Frost was ‘captivating and real’.