The Futaba 9C manual is pages, but don’t let that scare you. The pages contain explanations of each function of the radio, as well as practical examples. So I got a new (to me) 9C Super recently and could have sworn (prior to purchase) that there was an “aftermarket” manual for this that is easier. I have a 9C and I was told there is a manual on-line you can get that explains function beter. I kinda new to the heli R/C. I raced oval cars for.

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Set up linear programmable mixes, ex: It also removes the need to change dual rates on the 3 channels prior to performing a snap, as SNAP-ROLL always takes the servos to the same position, regardless of dual rates, inputs held during the snap, etc.

Page 14 Close menu.

Futaba 9C Product Review

Page Elevator-to-pitch mix: VR A adjusts the pitch separately from the throttle. The Futaba 9C computer radio is a fantastic value.

The features that are identical refer back to the ACRO chapter. The name of the model memory you are copying into is displayed for clarity. If you are in the wrong model memory, ftuaba may be reversed, and travels and trims will be wrong, leading to an immediate crash. Page 62 Set up additional programmable mixes, ex: Here is the link to the 9C Manual from the Futaba site. Mix flaperon’s flap motion to another inboard flap plugged into aux1: No more fussing with getting trim in just the right spot for landings or take offs!


They allow in-flight tweaking of the curves for ideal setup. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Password Please manaul a password for your user account.

FUTABA 9 CHP SUPER Instruction Manual

View additional model setups on the internet: Left rudder requires less torque. Options Quote message in reply?

Page Copy model: By giving each model a name fktaba is immediately recognizable, you can quickly select the correct model, and minimize the chance of flying the wrong model memory which could lead to a crash. Transmitter band may only be changed by changing the module. Got it, continue to print.

Futaba 9C Radio Transmitter Product Review – 9CH, 9CA

For details on setting up a complex plane, such as one with a v-tail AND a separate steerable nosewheel, please visit our FAQ at www. For feedback, there is also a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The basic radio has eight 8 model memories, and many fliers opt for the module that expands this to fourteen In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.


Prior approval of the appropriate manuaal authorities may be required.

There are a variety of reasons you might manial to use these mixes. The pages contain explanations of each function of the radio, as well as practical examples. You can select a system with your choice of receiver type: Futaba puts the manuals online where people can research the radios they are considering to purchase.

Contents And Technical Specifications Channels: With programmable mixing, could utilize CH5 as the 2nd elevator servo. Common name for certain types of aerobatic maneuvers. The 9C super has 12 model memories, which can each support: This is the default setting of one mix in HELI.

The radio frequency RF module also simply plugs in, on the back of the radio. It is easily removed for channel changes, or to save power when using a flight simulator. Set up additional programmable mixes, ex: