The Gaean Reach – Quandos Vorn Must Die! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. When I first heard about a Gaean Reach RPG, I was really gung ho about being able to play in the setting of such stories as the Demon Princes. In The Gaean Reach, Robin Laws makes amends for this with a game . the creator of the Dying Earth RPG – and is designed to work best for.

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Key villains have something called Obstacle Costs.

Never has the human race been less homogenous. Some of these worlds are advanced and cosmopolitan, such as Alphanor; others, like Thamber, are inhabited by shipwrecked and forgotten people, who have reverted to feudalism.

Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Opponents, alternate point-based character generation, how to plan a campaign, alternatives to the group of avengers such as government agents, traders, or reahc scouts.

The last major section of the book is an adventure scenario, The Cerulean Duke. Obstacle Costs make that harder to achieve at the start of an adventure, unless the player allots enough tokens to pay the Cost.

That is, more like The Professional than like Rambo: Finally, before the book rounds off with copies of all the character cards and taglines, comes adventure in The Cerulean Duke. There is no strict timeline laid down. That last one turned out to be the most important ability, because weapons in TGR are instantly lethal — if you get hit, you die, unless you have the tokens to avoid that fate.

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The non-firearms gwean especially are suggestive of the kinds of things a GM can throw in, with a lot of nasty gadgets feeling roughly like the space-adventure equivalent of Bond gadgets. Each presents one or more Investigative abilities, along with General abilities, which cover those do-or-die things like Scuffling, Athletics or maintaining your Wherewithal. I think a few sample hooks would be useful here, even if only to suggest flavor and style or to furnish the GM with a few fun ideas.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. No Web Links Found. Essentially, Gumshoe reacy the age old problem of roleplaying sessions stopping dead because of erach dice rolls by ensuring the core clues — those that allow advance from A to E via B, C and D — never get missed. Character creation, in essence.

Gaean Reach – Wikipedia

Recent Books Icelandic Edition. Stay updated via RSS. The Institute did it. That got the PCs permission to land with an escort, as long as they got their paperwork sorted out upon landing. I was, however, surprised at how many of the writeups are tiny, little more than a quippy sentence noting that someplace exists, or that this or that famous product usually a beer or ale, or a food or luxury item originates from that planet.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Except, of course, that The Gaean Reach is actually pretty different from plain-vanilla Gumshoe, as was even when it was first published in It exists in the far future and can be defined as those parts of our galaxy in which human colonies have become established.

Views Read Edit View history. Zero Sum Contests page In some ways, The Cerulean Duke is kind of a non-linear pointcrawl type of adventure structure: The heart of The Gaean Reach lies in the Gumshoe system. It also privileges a certain kind of skill mastery: Character Generator, Update Kingmaker: Then again, your tank character is less likely have as many of the rog needed to track down Quandos Vorn, hack through his security, reacy his transport craft to blow up, and so on, so maybe the spotlighting issue works itself out naturally?


Gaean Reach

More Information Edit History. I mean, you can invent a different character, or if you want the character to have a female gender, Laws garan you call her Quanda Vorn. Be social and follow GeekNative on Twitter. All of these prospects are fine, and I can see some groups preferring them, even.

The Gaean Reach: The Cerulean Duke, Part 1 | Daddy DM

Then you get a few free points to spend. The book suggests a process to layer each players purpose and drive around those of the others, providing them with a combined sense of purpose.

A GM might aspire to gaexn things, but often the resolution system suggests a focus on a specific kind of activity, and the rules and published material heavily scaffold for that activity.

First Blood or The A-Team. You can edit this page to create it. However, should you be good with piquant, pulpy and packed with erudite moments of vengeance and comeuppance-style of science fiction, then I suspect purchase of The Gaean Reach would be worthy of consideration.

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The example is that characters are fleeing a dangerous machine, and the GM decides that, for the purposes of the story, someone needs to get caught by it. Please use the Login form or enter another.

When I first read this, it struck me as odd: The Gaean Reach looks pretty spiffy. Follow Halfway Station on WordPress.

Players draw one card for each of three categories: Here, Robin Laws has kept the system lean.