The Big Idea: Roger Highfield explains why Garrett Lisi, the surfer who drew up a ‘theory of everything’ to explain the universe, is a great role. In November of , physicist Garrett Lisi published an online paper entitled “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.” Lisi spent much. Garrett Lisi has a new paper, “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.” Many people seem to think that I should have an opinion about it.

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First that the particular gauge groups Distler, in an earlier post, claims are subgroups of a parrticular non-compact form of E8, are not.

The paper seems to involve a novel mix-up between internal symmetries and spacetime symmetries, including adding particles of different spin. Physically that means everythinv the uncertainty principle; mathematically it means reinterpreting the basic equations as operator equations.

Please sign in to add a comment. But, for any embedding of SL 2,C in the noncompact real form, which is related by Wick rotation to an embedding of Spin 4 in the compact real form, this never happens. When you degenerate from reasoning gardett people to insutling them, you are behaving unprofessionally because you hurt both the processes and the reputation of science. I am simply pleased to see that the discussion has continued, here in thoery forum where I can observe it, and wanted you to know that at least some or one of the non-professional interested observers are not taking their eye off the ball, as it were, since you seemed concerned that everyhting actual point of the thread had been lost.

It happened to be possible to solve a key issue-that of exact E8 everhthing invariance- quickly and make a conjecture about other issues. This is an excellent point.

I am happy to participate in the experiment of opening up the informal process online so all may participate and watch. Read my post Now the data are in, and the likability-over-competence theory of presidential selection has been ruled out, though sadly at great cost. String and other mainstream relativity do not dare to challenge Einstein and, therefore, dance on the stage of imaginary matter!


High Energy Physics – Theory

And although E8 has a vast number of dimensions, the physical universe described by the theory could have only the four dimensions we are familiar with and not the 10 or 11 of string theory. Science is done by scientists. But there is nothing at all in this post relevant to the results of my paper. Most importantly, if you criticize, then be fair and acknowledge when your own criticisms have turned out to be wrong and be generous about acknowledging when your criticisms have been answered by further work.

If the atmosphere improves here-or in another forum where civility is enforced-I will be happy to do that.

The fact is that dark matter has been indirectly observed in the Bullet cluster as Sean has so nicely written on in the past, so relativity works very well at the galactic scales. Guys, after a while one just does not feel like discussing with people who attack you personally you like this. I have no doubt that eventually all will be clear, and we will throry agreement, but simply insulting people who take more than a few hours to reach agreement over a highly technical point is not helpful.

This seems all so tiresome when in gardett short time it will stand or fall as it should. I really think Lee is in the wrong business.

I enjoyed a few discussions with theoty there, and more often learned a lot without commenting. Let us examine who is insulting and unprofessional.

A theory of everything should at least explain the following points: Thus, it is not a vector-like theory. Classical theories of gravitation Quantum gravity Theory of everything.

Surfer dude’s theory of everything: the magic of Garrett Lisi – Telegraph

A Lie group, such as a one-dimensional circle, may be understood as a smooth manifold with a fixed, highly symmetric geometry. Once again, I am not anonymous. Whether the theory is accepted or disproven, I offer my congratulations to Mr. In the Spin 10 model, one generation of 16 fermions including left-handed electrons, neutrinos, three colors of up quarks, three colors of down quarks, and their anti-particles lives neatly in the complex-dimensional spinor representation space of Spin Maybe when we are seeing this referred to as a vector model somewhere above, it is referring to this Higgs being in the fundamental representation of the SU 2.


If anyone does not agree, it would make sense to point out why over there. Lee asks why anyone should take me seriously. Every energy wave, exchanged between pair of particles i. The no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics ensures that quantum entanglement canot be used to signal faster than light. He died in Have I got this right?

Garrett Lisi: An 8-dimensional model of the universe | TED Talk

None of garrert means that this paper is interesting or correct, much less worth spending time on. There were a few flashes of science above, but this has turned into too much of a gladiator fight for reasonable discussion. Archived everyhing the original on 5 July Here are straight questions that have nothing to do with sociology or whether people are nasty or not. If you want to describe the motion of a ball rolling on a table, you can do so using a variety of possible choices of axes.

So I will just repeat what I always say to that: Even if they wanted to, there is no time for that, who cares about Garrett Lisi in two weeks?