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We evaluated the performance gunnag the land component of three major ESMs at Arctic tundra sites, focusing on the fluxes and stocks of carbon. A new assessment of European forests carbon exchanges by eddy fluxes and artificial neural network spatialization, Glob. We combined measurement and modelling to quantify GHG emissions from adjacent arable, forest and grassland sites in Germany. Torsten Diem, Nicholas J.

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The results revealed the influences of the different parts of the analytical process, from the initial sample collection to the calculation of the final concentrations. For an environment of low vibrations, the LI-COR sensor is suitable for fast airborne water vapour measurements.

Artificial neural networks as a tool in ecological modelling, an introduction, Ecol. In this study we measured CH 4 fluxes and environmental variables across a small mountainous watershed in central Montana.


Borges, Ian Brown, John L. These are the first such results obtained from the region.

Journal metrics

We find uncertainty in spatial and vertical distribution of soil organic carbon is the largest factor affecting ALT accuracy. Therefore, the Rajang was only a moderate source of CO 2 to the atmosphere. Both open water and emergent vegetation are net emitters of CH 4 and CO 2but with strikingly different release rates.

Recovering data gaps through neural network methods, International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, 3, —, Furthermore we estimate the accuracy of the airborne wind measurement and of the turbulent fluxes of the traces gases methane and carbon dioxide. Clinton, and Chengrong Chen.

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Large tundra methane burst during onset of freezing, Nature,—, Our findings suggest that P limitation could be one important reason for large greenhouse gas emissions reported in the subtropical forests receiving excessive N input.

A machine learning technique allows us to estimate environmental response functions between spatially and temporally resolved flux observations and corresponding biophysical and meteorological drivers. We aimed to assess the impact of forest conversion to rubber and oil palm plantations on these N-oxide gases.

Biochar affects gaseous Nr or yield largely depending on vogos types. We therefore suggest abundances of methane-cycling microbes as potential indicators for prolonged high methane emissions in rewetted peatlands.

Short summary Potential gains in terrestrial carbon sequestration over Europe from elevated CO 2 can be partially offset by concurrent rises in tropospheric O 3.


Connectionist approach to geseon series prediction: Short summary Based on the eddy covariance method we investigate the ecosystem—atmosphere exchange of CH 4 and CO 2 at a eutrophic shallow lake as a challenging ecosystem often evolving during peatland rewetting.

Application of artificial neural networks in tide-forecasting, Ocean Eng. The various and diffuse sources of methane as well and its oxidation by a very short lifetime radical challenge this assessment.

The forest floor acted mainly as a small methane sink, but emission peaks were occasionally observed during spring and rainfall events. Venter, Kerneels Jaars, Stefan J.

Dog names beginning with “G”

Recognizing changing seasonal patterns using artificial neural networks, J. Short summary In this paper we investigate how the CO 2 exchange between gunnr land vegetation and the atmosphere varies from year to year.

Water table depth was not well predicted but had only small influence on simulated NEE. Short summary To improve global budgets of the greenhouse gas methane, we studied methane consumption in sea-ice-covered Arctic seawater. Modelling helps to estimate the magnitude and uncertainty of not measurable C and N fluxes and indicates missing input source, e.

N 2 O is produced by microbes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.