Units List; Special rules Tau Outcasts & Liaisons WIP; Wargear and Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make. I plan on using a knarloc in an upcoming casual game. However, when I looked up the rules, they were a bit underwhelming for the most part. Special Rules: 1 Prey Shaper. 3+ Knarloc Rider Herds or Kroot Tracker Kindred. Units. Great Knarloc Pack. Raiding Party: All members of the Knarloc.

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Unit quote goes here Fluff text goes here. Waaay too many especially for the points cost. Ive been waiting a long time for a codex like this. Forgive me God Emperor, for I shall take the life of one of your servants.

I now do this over a butane torch, but years ago having a friend and a lighter worked almost as well. The bolt thrower was made from the Dark Elf Repeater Thrower.

I have been trying to make this a proper blog but whenever I post my plans for this counts-as Wraithknight I get no feedback, so I’m not sure what to do.

The rules for the Forgeworld Great Knarlocs are quite beneficial to a Kroot mercenary army, which otherwise lacks noticeably powerful units. I think these new Lizardmen flyers would be great for either model choice, with a Kroot rider on each equipped with a ranged weapon to count as either the splinter pods on a Hellion or the twin-linked shuriken catapult on an Eldar Jetbike.

The playtesters are all playtested out, the proofreader’s eyes are sore and we’ve had a lot of fun with this one. Greyhound Wow, just discovered your thread. Tlo – click to view full reply. Oaka The base is finished! I’ve been wanting to play a Kroot army since I started 40k about a year ago.


Sabtastic the-greater-knarloc.jpg

Oaka I decided to learn some quick casting. Oaka The timing has been such that I began gaming again with some old friends right as the new Gathering Storm: I’m doing a similar army, all Kroot, albeit way way behind your progress, and different fluff wise.

It seems a bit DE in appearance but im not sure. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Got our work cut out for us now for the Cult dexes. Mounted great knarloc herd generally accepted as the best choice if you want a great knarloc as it is a bit of a point and click unit. Most weapons can be found in the codex tau. The ancestors have clearly marked this character as bound for great things.

Great knarloc rules pdf

One of the great things about Kroot hands is they are symmetrical with no thumb so the bow arm will work as either a left or a right hand for some variety if I were to make a unit of archers. I love the models and the background, but just don’t like how competitive the game can get. The ground came and he ducked into a roll with a carbine tucked horizontally over his torso.

Carpet bombing on the go!

I also finished an Aegis Defense Line. Even the Krootbird has recessed eyes. The Elder Shapers believe, however, that they are reincarnating fallen warriors to once again take to the battlefield. Otherwise I like how you changed the burst cannon into something that can be the equivallent of the Reaper’s launchers. This was already posted in the kroot board. After reading through the rules of the different units, I felt Grest had finally found stats that I envisioned my Kroot to have- lightning fast and deadly in assault, but with rule same fragilities when it came to toughness and armor saves.


Since taking these pictures, I’ve bored out the barrels and added some accessories. An altered pattern to the Orca AX Dropship, designed for active insertion into hitspots, rather than rapid transport flexible deployemt.

I love the second blaster guy from the left, that’s such a cool pose. Automatically Appended Next Post: You guys have gone to lot of effort and co-ordination and it looks and read brilliantly.

WargamerAU Forums > [Rules] Codex: Kroot Mercenaries

I think it should be harder for them to get access to these weapons than those making them, therefore cost more. Do the Great Knarlocs feature in that army?

I really like the bone armor on the head gear and shoulders of your Kroot, and may steal that idea if you don’t mind.

The newly released imperial armour aeronautica has the most uptodate rules for the manta, though theyre flawed at the moment issues with supersonic being incompatible with hover, thus the transport capacity cant be used in the rules as written, so therell probably be a pdf update too in the near future.

Tau and Space Wolves since 5th Edition.

I’m in love with the rocket launcher guys, the scheme is super slick, and am curious how your getting so many slick positions. Boss Salvage – click to view full reply. I’m kinda torn on this one.