Search in Greenheck catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Consult Greenheck’s entire Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Catalogs, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals (IOM’s), . Greenheck’s model SWB Series backward inclined utility fans are.

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The casing design and construction are well suited for indoor Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

Value Added FeaturesHigh Performance PropellerThe AX blade shape and hub are designed to movehigh volumes of air with less power to save on longterm energy costs. Standard ConstructionFeaturesAccess and Grewnheck maintenance requires accessibility to fancomponents such as motors, belts, pulleys andpropellers located under the hood.

This provides long lifeand quiet operation. How do differential pressure based airow measuringproducts work? The graphs show how CFM, static Airow MeasuringTechnologiesGreenheck airow measuring products are available with either differentialpressure based technology or thermal dispersion technology.

All Greenheck catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. ModelBDF is carefully engineered for efficiency and reliability in supply, exhaust, and return air applications. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Gravity intake and relief ventilators are non-powered and regulate the pressure differential between the inside and outside of a building. There are no belts and pulleys to adjust. Open the catalog to page 3.


Open the catalog to page 2. A wide variety of roof curbs are available, Whether the application is commercial or industrial, Greenheck tubular centrifugal fans provide quiet, efficient,and Wired to external junction Simply turn the dial.

Greenheck India | Building Value in Air

Designed to replace exhausted air in commercial, industrial and kitchen applications with options to heat, ventilate, cool, humidify, dehumidify, and filter air. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. These fans recirculate air and cool workers in many industrial settings.

Dial on Motor Control – a potentiometer dial on motor control is mounted on the motor for easy speed adjustment for system balance.

Each wheel is robotically welded and statically and dynamically balanced for long life and quiet operation. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. Today, Greenheck designs and builds a complete line of equipment and accessories that move and control air. Wheel cones are carefully matched to the venturi for maximum efficiency. Open the catalog to page FeatureBenefitFusible LinkReliable greeenheck fire detection.

All Greenheck catalogs and technical brochures

Open the catalog to page 7. Install a laboratory exhaust system that effectively exhausts laboratory fumes out of the building and away from nearby homes and dormitories while minimizing energy usage. Filters are availablein 1 or 2-inch pleateddisposable media orpermanent washablealuminum mesh. Grand Canyon University officials wanted a laboratory exhaust systemthat would be both effective at removing laboratory fumes and cost-effective to operate.

Any two of the three positions shown X, Y or Z may be selected. Propellers arehigh efficiency, airfoil aluminum. The casing design and constructionare well suited to indoor or outdoor Standard Construction Features1 Cabinet ConstructionThe fan housing is constructed of rigid structuralmembers and formed galvanized steel panels. Wall plate with dial may be mounted in a standard 2×4 inch electrical junction box.


Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. These move air towards exhaust areas. BladesTight tolerances between the blades and casingimprove overall efciency. Tests cataloguue conducted to assure safe, rugged and reliable fans.

Wheel cones are carefully matched to theventuri for maximum Coils are made fromthe finest materials to your specifications and then tested with Table of ContentsStandard Construction Features Engineering DataMotor SelectionGreenheck centrifugal fans can be supplied with any motor that is commercially available, and appropriate for the fan sizeand grernheck required. Local code authorities should be consulted gerenheck proceeding with any ventilation project.

GB smoke control models are: Options and AccessoriesMixing Boxes – Constructed of galvanized steel andavailable with or without dampers.

Spend more time making certain your buildings are safe and secure, and less on installing the damper product. Motor – Ball bearing motors are carefully Disconnect Switch NEMA-1 switch is gerenheck mounted and wiring is provided from the motor as standard other switches are available. Coolingselections include chilled water or direct expansion.

Hinged Curb Cap with Cables Applications range from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.