tages of this account of indicative conditionals, and in section. 5 I reply to on Grice’s Views about the Logical Particles of Natural Language,” in Prag- matics of . if it is a valid inference, then the indicative conditional conclusion must be logically 3 H.P. Grice, in his William James lectures, 4 pursued the first of these . conditionals, but not those of indicative conditionals, are known to be false or at . of this view include Lewis [], Jackson [], [], and Grice [a]. 6.

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If this is his view, he cannot hold that his own theory is a psychologically accurate account of what people do when they use conditionals. For work in this tradition and valuable surveys of related work see De FinettiBelnap and Milne Take any argument formulated in this language.

The most similar world to w in which she does not go more than half way is one in which she stops in the 50 lndicative mile.

Indicative Conditionals

If A is found to be true, conritionals conditional assertion has the force of an assertion of B. The other is the content of a judgement made under that supposition. On this approach, indicative conditionals only have a role when the thinker takes A to be an epistemic possibility. On a ‘strict conditional’ account, the following exchange should be in order:.


Provided you and I have different bodies of information, the proposition I am considering when I consider whether if AB may well differ from the proposition you would express in the same vonditionals Thus, for a conditional with antecedent Athere are two probability distributions in play, one concerning the facts, and one concerning which world would be actual if A is or were true.

Truth, Probability and ParadoxOxford: The oddities are harder to tolerate when griec consider conditional judgements about empirical matters.

The Material Conditional: Grice

Gillies – – Conditionalss Review 3: Search my Subject Specializations: Her articles have recently appeared, reworked, as a book, Modals and Conditionals The direct way is to imagine that we know for sure that the premise is true, and to consider what we would then think about the conclusion.

You don’t have any stronger belief about the matter.

One way is to say something weaker than some other relevant thing you are in a position to say. One can try other truth tables: That’s enough to know that if x is red, y is not red.

They arise at the level of belief. Eliminate line 4 and line 4 only, and some possibility of falsity remains in other cases which have not been ruled out.


Neither kind of truth condition has proved entirely satisfactory. If P, then Q: Hook might respond as follows.

Indicative Conditionals (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Here are conditional examples. So the probability of its truth, given that it has a truth value, is 0. We can, perhaps, ignore as unimportant the use of indicative conditionals in circumstances in which we are certain that the antecedent is false.

The other possibilities remain open. See Stalnaker’s letter to van Fraassen published in van Fraassenpp. The main argument points to the fact that minimal knowledge idicative the truth-functional truth condition is satisfied is enough for knowledge that if AB. Supp’s way of assessing conditionals is incompatible with the truth-functional way they answer Question 2 differently ; and incompatible with stronger-than-truth-functional truth conditions they answer Question 1 differently.

But there is no consensus about the truth conditions of conditionals. Here is a second argument in favour indicativr Hook, in the style of Natural Deduction.

It is the first theory of conditionals which students encounter.