Prose Edda is called The “Tricking of Gylfi” (or, in Old Norse, Gylfaginning). Since Gylfaginning is very long, only sections about the Sun, Moon, and seasons . Gylfaginning^ conceived in the true antiquarian spirit, supplies the mythological and . that the highly technical nature of Hattatal forbids translation into English. Snorra Edda: Gylfaginning. Gylfaginning ยท Gylfaginning The English translation chosen for the Prose Edda is by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from a.

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Then they took the glowing embers and sparks that burst forth and had been cast out of Muspell- heim, and set them in the midst of the Yawning Void, in the heaven, both above and below, to illumine heaven and earth.

The third asa is he who is called Njord. But he demanded as his reward, that he should have Freyja, and he wanted the sun and moon besides. Neither weapon nor tree can hurt Balder, I have taken an oath from them all. Surtr fares from southward with switch-eating flame; On his sword shimmers the sun of the war-gods; The rocks are falling, and fiends are reeling, Heroes tread Hel-way, heaven is cloven. Do you suppose that Alfather invites kings, jarls, or other great men, and gives them water to drink?

At dawn he sends them out to fly over the whole world, and they come back at breakfast time.


By that time Hymir had shoved out the boat. A second edition appeared in 1. At last Baugi said that the rock was bored through, but Bolverkr blew into the auger-hole, and the chips flew up at him. But next thou didst smite me three blows with the hammer; and the first was least, and was yet so great that it would have sufficed.

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You say that all men who since the beginning of the world have fallen in battle have come to Odin in Valhal. Thither came AUfather and craved one drink of the well ; but he got it not until he had laid his eye in pledge. Whose is that horse Sleipner, and what is there to say about it? All that come to him with such quarrels as arise out of law-suits, all these return thence reconciled.

Thus Olfr sang further: Jormungand welters In giant rage And smites the waves. It shall stand when both heaven and earth shall have passed away. His skull is unusually hard, and Thor breaks a cup by throwing it at Hymir’s head. This place is called Gladsheim.

And he asked what might be the name of those lords. Still there was before a world to the south which hight Muspelheim. R, T, W read Ymir for Hymir, and mss.

He dwells in Noatun, which is in heaven. The sons of Bor slew the giant Ymer, but when he fell, there flowed so much blood from his wounds that they drowned therein the whole race of frost giants; excepting one, who escaped with his household.

Then went the gods. Him the giants call Bergelmer. But when Njord came back from the mountains to Noatun he sang this:.

Finding the door open they entered, and saw there many men, yylfaginning most of whom were immensly large, sitting on two benches. Thus was it ere the earth was fashioned.


Are you not leaving more for the third draught than befits your skill?

Full text of “The Prose Edda”

What are the names of the other asas? Enylish was done then by the sons of Bor, since you believe that they were gods? Then Skrymer bound all their provisions into one bag, laid it on his back, and led the way all the day, taking gigantic strides.

But this woman was of the asa-race; her name was Gefjun.

Member feedback about Ginnungagap: His hall is called Bilskirner. When Balder had fallen, the asas were struck speechless with horror, and their hands failed them to lay hold of the corpse. Made answer to him Har: I have heard that you have been whispering among yourselves that I am not small of stature, but you will see greater men when you come to Utgard.

From this you can judge of the beauty both of his hair and of his body. He wondered much that the asa-folk was so mighty in knowledge, that all things went after their will.

Edda Snorra Sturlusonar

Untold ages ere earth was shapen. Much is to be said about it. But true it is, as you said, that Odin is a great chief.

And here it says yet so: