Get this from a library! Étude et expérimentation de la commande d’un hacheur – série – parallèle. [Christian Pourny; Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. Results 1 – 6 of 6 Commande Floue D un Redresseur En Cascade Avec Un Hacheur Double Étage by Birame, M’hamed / Mokrani, Lakhdar and a great selection. Schéma de principe des convertisseurs N/A parallèles. A partir des . (2R en parallèle avec 2R est égale à R, R en série avec R donne 2R et ainsi de suite).

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Sometimes, we also use hachsur cookie to keep track of your trolley contents. The string reactor was shown to run isothermal kinetic tests with paralllele very small amount of industrial-sized catalyst particles less than 2 cc and to explore kinetics of fast reaction at high space velocities impossible to achieve in standard fixed bed units with appropriate hydrodynamic conditions. Pendant le regime surcritique reactivite positivel’elevation de temperature des barres d’uranium ralentit l’accroissement de seerie due aux mouvements des plaques.

Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires; Aldebert, J. A brief description of the physical measurements in Marcoule reactors is given here. The paper contains a very detailed comparison of about 10 cases corresponding to various combinations of design and emergency procedure; the comparison was made using a computer programme specially established for the purpose.

Anderson Power Product Vers: Neanmoins, les etudes de suspensions et d’ebullition sont relativement independantes et peuvent egalement etre developpees pour des reacteurs de type different utilisant l’une ou l’autre. The gas is at atmospheric pressure. In non linear operating hscheur, the effect of neutron noise is defined by means of a non-linear functional, this theory is thus related to previous works the references of which are given at the end of the present report.

The experiments are grouped in four parts – Systematic studies of lattices Buckling measurements. We have previously developed a method for studying neutronic fluctuations in nuclear reactors using the analogy between the behaviour of a reactor and that of certain common radioelectric circuits.

C’est cependant l’augmentation de la radioactivite du gaz de refroidissement due a la dispersion des produits de fission qui permet de signaler l’apparition d’une fissure ou de suivre son evolution. This paper is an seriie to the experiments performed on the G1 reactor, experiments fully described in the papers following ‘B to P’.


Par contre dans les reacteurs a surchauffe nucleaire l’etude du comportement du combustible necessite des installations plus importantes.

Local boiling has been simulated by an electrically heated plate placed in the core of the reactor Siloette. The search for an additive value for reactors in series leads logically to the defining of an exchange capacity, and a paralleele efficiency, or number ahcheur theoretical reactors. Entourant le reacteurse trouvent un certain nombre de ‘canaux boucles’ comprenant chacun: Full Text Available Fixed bed reactors with a single fluid phase are widely used in the refining or petrochemical industries pqrallele reaction processes catalysed by a solid phase.

In this method, the probability to count one, two, Afin d’extraire du spectre une quantite proportionnelle au taux de combustion, il faut: This survey specifies the present theories and relates to a real effective cross section and also yields to the bases of such a nuclear calculation. The main diffusion mechanism is surface diffusion through the hacheug. Le memoire decrit comment, avant tout demarrage du reacteurles essais effectues, en particulier ceux concernant l’installation de recuperation d’energie et le caisson, ont permis d’abreger la phase de montee en puissance.

hacheu – reddata review

Preliminary studies leading to a conceptual design of a MWe fast neutron reactor; Etudes preliminaires conduisant a un concept de reacteur a neutrons rapides de MWe. Le detecteur a collection electrostatique et electrode tournante est decrit et ses applications principales sont exposees. Dans les conditions de fonctionnement non lineaires, l’effet du bruit neutronique est precise en utilisant une fonctionnelle non lineaire, ce qui relie cette theorie a.

The analysis of mixtures of ortho and para-hydrogen and the catalytic conversion o. Le reacteur peut etre alimente en permanence avec de l’uranium enrichi, le plutonium produit servant a demarrer et a alimenter d’autres reacteurs ; dans ce cas, l’uranium est recycle dans le reacteur en y ajoutant de l’uranium enrichi. Une expression de la fonction de transfert entre une source ponctuelle placee au centre des coordonnees et le flux au point courant r,z est obtenue en resolvant, par transformation de Laplace, l’equation de la diffusion a un seul groupe d’energie.

Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient. The experimental results were then compared with values obtained, for the same reactivities, by the pulsed neutron technique. L’influence des radiations semble liee a la presence de traces d’eau sur ZnO et d’un exces d’oxygene sur NiO. La comparaison des resultats obtenus par diverses methodes nous a permis de tester leur validite et d’en preciser les conditions d’emploi.


Hacheur (électronique)

This article describes the results of a first series of research on the depollution of paarllele gases from diesel engines by catalytic mufflers.

Hachrur le present rapport, nous examinons des accidents pouvant endommager des installations du reacteur Pegase. The input speed of water into the reactor being one of the important parameters in the running of the pile, a spiral supply input chamber is used, allowing this speed to be regulated in amount and direction.

In addition, these results are referred to the potential steam and electricity market, which leads us to examine certain uses for the heat generated by double purpose power stations; for example, to supply combined industrial plants, various types of town heating and for removal of salt from sea water.

We have built an experimental facility for the purpose of measuring effective removal cross sections, the value of which had not been published at that time. The solution to the correlation equations are expressed in terms of the eigenvalues and Eigen-matrices of the transport operator, for a subcritical zero power reactor.

Full Text Available Facing the increase of environmental concerns in the oil and gas industry, engineers and scientists need information to assess sustainability of chemical processes. The whole results ft allowed an improvement of the calculation methods, have led to a better understanding of the neutron balance in lattices, and have permitted the establishment of a set of formula to predict not only the clean fuel conditions but also the evolution of the nuclear properties with irradiation.

A study has been made of their physico-chemical properties overall and surface chemical constitution, texture, structure, electrical conductivityas well as of their adsorption properties with respect to gaseous species occurring in the catalytic reaction.