Open Modal. Prev. The Tugendhat house integrates many elements of the Bacelona Pavilion. The building is made . Haus Tugendhat [Trailer]. Among them, there are some remarkable documentaries as “Haus Tugendhat”, a film on the restoration of the famous Mies’ house. Outstanding. Built in Brno between and in the functionalist style by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Villa Tugendhat, named.

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The Architecture Film Festival of Rotterdam has collected an interesting catalogue of architecture-related films.

Outstanding images that totally worth it. In this period he projected the Wolf House in Guden and the Hermann Lange House in Krefeld and inhe met the designer Lilly Reich, in the house exhibition of Weissenhof, where he was director, and he planned a steel structure block for her.

From tohe built the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, which would be hzus last legacy to the architecture.

Haus Tugendhat () – IMDb

Tugenvhat Heritage sites in the Czech Republic. The Tugendhat lived there only 7 years due to the imminent arrival of the nationalsocialism the emigrated in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In mid, Mies van der Rohe and Reich were hauw as artistic directors of the German section of the World Exhibition in Barcelona, probably owing to their successful collaboration on the Deutscher Huas exhibition in Stuttgart.

In he began to work with his father in the stone workshop of the family and shortly afterward he move to Berlin to work with Bruno Paul indesigning furniture. This building has 37 storeys, covered with glass and bronze, which built and planned with Philip Johnson. In Ludwig Mies van der Rohe accepted the job of one of the most important projects of his career, from Fritz y Grete Tugendhat married couple: In the house was named a Unesco World Heritage site, and 10 years later it underwent more restoration work, opening to the public in March He retired from the Illinois Institute of Technology the same year.

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Among them, there are some remarkable documentaries as “Haus Tugendhat”, a film on the restoration of the famous Mies’ house. How do you deal with masterpieces that have fallen into disuse? In it was declared cultural monument and restored in Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was born in Aquisgran the 27th of Marz of and died in Chicago the 17th of August of InMies van der Rohe held the post of chief commissioner of the German Werkbund exhibition, being his president this year.

Reich ran a studio for architecture, design, textiles and fashion in Berlin until her death in The building is made of a steel framework, big large windows and the use of the best raw materials.

It would be good to highlight that the Tugendhat chair and the Barcelona chair, both of them, despite of having a merely industrial appearance, are a great handicraft work, there are hand-made and in a very small amount.

Villa Tugendhat View from the garden. He died in Chicago the 17th of August if leaving behind a large legacy and influence to next generations.

One wall is a sliding sheet of plate glass that descends to the basement the way an automobile window does. It is also a precursor to Mies’ later “universal space,” found primarily in the office towers he designed in the United States in the s. Retrieved 5 February We can put in glass walls. It was very well built, and so on. Haus Tugendhat, a documentary by Dieter Reifarth. First, he received this house as a wedding present.

Reich met Ludwig Haue van der Rohe in and collaborated closely with tkgendhat on the design of a flat and other projects for the Deutscher Werkbund exhibition held in Stuttgart in Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Uploaded on February 7, One lower storey, going down through the stairs, with an opaque glass curvature, is the machine and services facilities. We put wooden scaffold pieces up. Inshe moved into her own studio and apartment in Berlin.


Inshe became the first female member of its board of directors. It will be the same. It was partially repaired and used for various purposes for example as a children’s physiotherapy center for several decades after World War II. The beauty of theses chairs is still being a sign of distinction, elegancy and luxury. Subscribe to our newsletter. The last Works of renovation and restoration of the Tugendhat House made between and He was designated chair of the Architecture department in Armour Institute inthe one that later merged with the Lewis Institute, forming the Illinois Institute of Technology IIT and where he took the responsibility to build a considerable extent of the foundations of the Intitute from and Tugendhat came to me.

There he was influenced by structural technics and designs based on steel and glass, as the AEG project in Berlin. During this stage, inhe designed his first skyscraper: The Tugendhat chair and the Brno chair was designed by Mies especially for this house and were upholstered in silver-grey, polished green leather, ruby red velvet and white leather: He had looked at house, and he wanted to find an architect. During this period he worked in two houses, the Birck House and the Mosler House.

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Villa Tugendhat

Later, parts of the original wood panelling were found at Masaryk Universitya building used by the Gestapo as their Brno headquarters. We will try it out and, if you do not want it, we can close the rooms in.

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