Structure of the PC measurement electronics with Spider8. B-1 .. When exchanging any modules, only original HBM parts must be used. Qualified personnel. Spider8 – Easy and reliable PC-based The Spider8 is a multi-channel PC measurement electronics for parallel, dynamic . Our factory in Darmstadt or HBM. Catman talks to Spider8 remotely. Keyword: Wireless. Remote communication with field equipment up to 5km away is now possible with HBM’s improved.

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I have updated everything.

Last but not least the timeout has to be adjusted according to the specific number of counts, baud rate and measuring rate. BUT the good days are gone…I have updated everything.

Perhaps the old firmware caused some problems I have run the firmware sp8firm32 and de spidfr8 sp32, both can be downloaded in the hbm website, and my example started to run. Spider with the P22 firmware version. So in this example, spoder8 timeout has to be adjusted in respect to the measuring rate. First I chose a baud rate ofnow I use Message 10 of I solved the problems a few days ybm. Most Active Software Boards: With this configuration I copied the spider I cannot tell exactly why the data acquisition process didn’t work, but now everything is fine.


HBM Spider 8 Data Acquisition Unit

There is one little disadvantage: For Labview there are some examples which show how to access data via catman activeX. It seems as the connection is not fast enough.

Message 9 of The Spider is connected with spiedr8 notebook via the serial port. Message 1 of I have spiser8 examples and one shows the mesured value in the port and the other plots graph in the screen of the signal mesured in the port. I hope this help you.

So I will give some remarks on what could have been the reason: Message 2 of First at all say that my spider8 is version Hgm quite old.

A further point are inconsistencies between the online help, the help function in the Spider setup program and the printed manual! I haven’t downloaded the latest firmware yet.

HBM Spider 8 Data Acquisition Panels

The Spider 8 is now equipped with the latest firmware, which can be obtained from the HBM homepage. Any advice is welcome as well as was a place where I still can download the last firmware version. Message 6 of This is not very useful! A big problem were the error messages which sometimes didn’t make sense to me. I am reading your inputs with respect the use of the Spider8 with Labview.

Lot 753: HBM Spider 8 Data Acquisition Panels

Please could you help me to know what the correct steps are to try the spider89 works with Labview?. Are you getting any error messages from the VI’s or does the device just not seem to respond at all? I tried to run one of the spider8 examples with labview and did not work.


After some errors had occured, I didn’t turn the Spider off and on, and the error messages were strange. Message 4 of The cable has got a length of about 1 meter. I guess, the best way is contacting a sales representative of HBM http: If you need the archives email-me wanderleyff gmail.

Message 7 of Reading values includes a lot of? First of all, my operating system is NT4.

I would like to receive help with respect this issue. Can anybody help me?

May be, he has a demo version for you spideer8 catman professional including the catman activeX interface. Message 5 of Also, which drivers are you using exactly? Message 3 of HBM home page doesn?

I was not able to find much in the way of documentation on the HBM website regarding the drivers you mentioned. Spider32 setup still can read it but seems a lot slower now. Best Regards Andreas R. W henever this is not true, the Spider should be turned off and on.