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alfreeo He moved with his family to Rio Branco, Acre, where he lived padirnho the outskirts of the city working as a farmer. So, it is necessary to be careful because when it is budding, many demands of envy, of jealousy and other things that bring one down, attack. In the course of my review, I have observed in all the centers that are established, a warning is necessary. If I am padrinbo, and you’re sincere, we’ve already united, and from there things can go.

In the spiritual works and communities of Santo Daime, the hymns are a bond of shared understanding and a daily practice. Taking Daime, singing the Hinos, waiting for the opportunities the Mestre speaks of, you keep seeing, you keep comprehending, you keep receiving force, and along comes the component of the Doctrine, along comes the component of this work.

Thus this force of mine that I have been giving, be it in this Regional that I have travelled just now, or in other Regionals where I have been explaining this, giving it as an alert to the brothers hiinario sisters, to the fighters, to the warriors of this Light-this care is calculated toward this negative front that is destroying our group.

Santo Daime – Mensagem do Padrinho Alfredo

Later come the things that will make up the balms that come to help, to heal, which is the force of the will of each to better himself, to learn the Doctine. Padrknho our Doctrine, we have opened a broad band of charity so that we have no enemies.


Thus I give here this warning for us to experiment with caution. Now, will we wait for this Padfinho on a throne of stone there, which we will never find?

Santo Daime hymns

Later comes a series of things that disturb the good growth of the brotherhood. In the early s, he joined Mestre Irineu, and became one of his first disciples.

We yearn for a pure and sound truth. And this is no place for us to place our faith, because all matter is transitory.

Because of this, he couldn’t eat some alfrevo of food.


This is a joy, this is a force, this is a power. If pride were as pride wants to be, greater than God, the tranca-rua [ translator’s note: She was sallow and blond with white skin. Therefore, I want to give this warning here because there are aofredo several centers and it may be that each one would like to speak briefly about their center, not only of that which is nice and pretty, and which we see, but also of that which they themselves know is not nice and pretty, alvredo which cannot be covered because alfedo sees the ugly as well.

And I come here to fortify the current of the Doctrine, the current of spiritual education. It is much more difficult to enter the stems and come out through the flowers, and fell the fruit to be able to be born again.

Let us take heed, because I am gathering, I am noting the people that I am gathering, I am noting the groups, the afiliates, and I need more firmness in all the groups, in all the afiliates, for us to speak out loud and clear to our governments, to the despots of the world, because if it is not with much truth, with all truth, many or all can shout the truth, but the world won’t mend.


Someone will leave there feeling rage toward the Doctrine, someone will leave suspicious of the wife of another, and this comes to destroy.

Let everyone be strong and every spirit will paerinho strong. You may get to know, it is good to get to know, but to think that you already know, to take a poison, you will end up dying of the poison.

Therefore, one cannot say alfredoo a person is right if they are not right; that a group is united, if it is not united. Now, to doubt is common.

“Escala” (Padrinho Alfredo) by Leo do Gamarra | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Up to now, I have been working, thanks alferdo God that I haven’t yet said no to anyone in respect to the good ritual functioning of Santo Daime. This way, soon more people are knowing, soon the person has better faith, and everything moves forward. The theme, the evidences, and even the teaching of disunion to the children makes them continue in this condition of not being able to have peace not even united, not even with their families.

Baixinha, tiny in Portuguese, is perhaps the best known practitioner of UmbanDaime.

The majority of orphans today, and most of the suffering of poverty and difficulty today, is alrfedo action of Satan within the families. He met Mestre Irineu inand he received benefits for his unstable health. Very wellgood evening. He is the author of ‘Forest of Visions: