Hearts of Iron 2 has had many versions. The original game is referred to as HoI2, or “vanilla” and was released in This game had a series of patches that. Appointment of Ministers. Ministers are appointed automatically in Hearts of Iron 2 It is not practical, in the space available in this manual, to detail each of the. Post with views. HOI2 Manual Encourages Save-Scumming.

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I’ve had many friends who stared at my WITP turn and couldn’t understand a thing of what was going on on the screen, while I was feeling like I had full control of everything in it Bobthehatchit WITP is a very time consuming game Rule the oceans, assert domination and vanquish your foes!

No sort Helpful Agree Respectfully Disagree. On steam is digital manual, very detailed.

HOI2 Manual Encourages Save-Scumming

Actually, in view of Tankerace’s work, perhaps that should be easier moddability. I think it’s just brilliant that two very different and yet very good games companies are around, especially now when the ‘received wisdom’ is that Strategy Games such as these are dying.

Read some of the threads in the Manuak section to get a better idead of the game play. Also, there’s meant to be quite a comprehensive manual with it. I had 2 french div totally stop 8 german inf ’39 and 4 armor 3 ho2i with airsupport and arty brigades. What did I miss in UV that made everyone rave and me miss?

Gaute65Apr 28, And i play this game for a years and every month i find something new: As I understand it, with HOI2 small nations simply cant fight big ones anymore, cause ho2i manpower and research limits. I spend all my time playing Witp.


Armageddon is the latest game version and includes manusl features of the previous two. But, on the flip side, there are similarities.

HOI2 can be a click fest at times. NET Advanced Edition 2. Based on past experience with other Paradox games it wont work so well on multiplayer due to the speed setting being fixed.

Witp is a game that will consume most of your free time even against the AI, pbm games can take years!

Yes, you can grab it here you’ll have to register the game to get access. From my point of view the counter-side to that is that the game files are plain-text hou2 can easily be inspected and used to set up new scenarios, or modify existing games.

Ultimately, buy both, you would be supporting my manula favourite company! So, if you have free time and will to invest it into WITP, after first confusing impressions it will most likely become the only game you will play for long long time.

There is a pdf manual on the dvd See also: You cannot do a lot with WitP “production” system and nothing at all being the US. Where did you get the game? HOI2 I have only played Solo, but it is a fun game, lots to learn and hard at the harder levels, not only pausable but you have like 9 speed settings Views Read View source View history.

I basically created a task force with supply and troops ships and what escort ships I had there, loaded a shed load of troops and went off to Guadalcanal led there by history I guess IMHO it’s not the strong point of the game.

You can set Ai difficult from passive retreater to aggressive warchief 3. If your into empire building then HOI2 is the game for you.

Manual index

First Impressions and all that. But be aware that WitP, as a turn-based game, works in PBEM, so if you want to uoi2 MP you don’t all have to be on-line at the same time, which of course you do have to in order to play any Paradox game in MP. Only played it solo so far. Remmeber also if you are going to play UV, there are sequintial manuual, and a final one release within this last week.


Manual index – Hearts of Iron 2 Wiki

Remember, I’ve never played HoI2 in any incarnationso for a direct comparison to HoI2 -I have no frame of reference. As I mentioned above, I bought a boxed copy of HoI2 long ago The original game is referred to as HoI2, or “vanilla” and was released in The goal in WITP is to perform better than than your historical counterpart with virtually the same constraints when combined with house rules ; the goal in HOI is to conquer at much territory as possible without the constraints that your historical counterparts had for instance, the French Army was composed primarily of conscripts that would cripple the French economy when called up to serve.

Er, I’d say you have to plan forward months in RT as well [; ].

You probably installed Hio2 Hour in C: This doesn’t matter in HOI. I could justify buying it then That really annoys me; I want to ‘tinker’ with my games. Will I purchase HOI2? I’m told that both series are great in that mode. Not at all the same game. Yes, because it is a fun game with a historical flavor.