It’s not quite Houellebecq Lite, but it’s the least likely to offend. Em ”As Partículas Elementares” (), o seu segundo romance, Michel H Em li dois. Las particulas elementales by Michel Houellebecq, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Las particulas elementales by Michel Houellebecq at – ISBN – ISBN – Espasa-Calpe SA –

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I’m not, you know, depressed or anything, but I can share at least in some part their view of the world as bleak, lonely, and irredeemable except through very brief moments of relieved pain via drinking and sex.

She had never thought that sexual pleasure could be that overpowering. See 1 question about The Elementary Particles…. She would have the abortion the following day and stay overnight at the hotel before going home; that was what she had decided.

An exciting book that makes me wanna write while I read everything this dude’s done and does forevermore houel,ebecq. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Las particulas elementales : Michel Houellebecq :

This novel reflects author’s cultural pessimism, his contempt for the atomized, egotistic, decadent Western civilization, its liberal elementwles and capitalism. Which will end with the inevitable: Aubyn’s The Patrick Melrose Novels which I never got around to reviewing properly both in that it’s about the extraordinarily fucked-up elementa,es of wealthy Europeans, and that it degenerates somewhat into overly expository and transparently philosophical fake monologues later on in the book.

Thus through sex we humiliate and are humiliated.

Partciulas fodder, or else just more fucking people. This type of novel, this quality of work, inspires me to even mention Dan Brown. It’s far beyond nihlism – so more destructive and negative, so more emphatic in its rejection of bougeoise norms, of religion, culture, capitalism.


View all 12 comments. The Epilogue really clarifies so much that precedes it. He had this typically Gallic extreme snottiness that I found amusing, even endearing, but even as I enjoyed this I suspected that his disdain for everything non-French huellebecq indicate something a bit too dark for me. Want to Read saving…. He’s just saying that the pain that sex and love cause people is such that you’re willing to consider an extreme solution in order to escape from it.

The things in it that are funny are the things that have to do with the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of life, the drive for sex that is unsatisfied in pathetic, heartbreakingly inadequate losers — are you cracking up yet?

The aimlessness of modern middle class life. I think that is really why I like reading Houellebecq’s books because he reminds me actually of how much I like my life, and even though I can make improvements mostly with more informed decisions; I don’t want to spend the bulk of my life over examining my life to the point that I quit living my life.

One of those laugh-if-you-don’t-want-to-cry things.

Jul 31, Macoco G. View all 8 comments.

Las particulas elementales

The pain of being 40 and unfuckable. Moments of beauty and insight do exist, but they are rare and fleeting, and as a result, sad. I was holding a solid four star rating of this in my head until the final leg of the journey, around Section Three and the Epilogue. It tells the story about the last people on the planet who were so disconnected and dysfunctional that elemsntales saliently agreed to disappear or at least didn’t bother to live as individuals any longer.

If you want intransi When the Middle Class Aspires to Cold Nihilism Well, it seems there is hardly any point in contributing an other review, when so many people think “The Elementary Particles” “Atomised” in the UK is a “powerful,” “unflinching” book.


Some of this is illustrated with neatly-done set pieces, other parts are more didactic. View all 3 comments. An international literary phenomenon, The Elementary Particles is a frighteningly original novel—part Marguerite Duras and part Bret Easton Ellis-that leaps headlong into the malaise of contemporary existence.

Love is merely a chemical reaction. Bruno, the main character, has an extremely active libido, but is unfortunately not elementalex all attractive; he’s fat, ugly and lacks charm. It simply looks at you and asks you: This is a BIG PICTURE book but carried out through a tightly crafted narrative mainly surrounding two brothers birthed from a massively disfunctional genetic pool with one shared parent: May 14, sarah rated it it was amazing. All of these experiences that could conceivably last one blissful, insatiable sitting the novels that are not houellebedq novellas, that is — this is one of ’em.

Read this book, it’s not just a porn.

The Elementary Particles

Okay, I decided I would take a go at actually justifying my rating for this book, rather than just make half-hearted apologies at my preference for a so-absurdly misogynistic and, let’s be frank, pornographic novel. Purposefully vicious and perverted to make philosophical points about the unhappy state of humanity. Sep 21, Bookfreak rated it it elementapes amazing.

Bruno exemplifies this horrible state of being; thwarted sexual desire has turned his life into a living hell, and Houellebecq is psychologically credible in showing how it progressively destroys him, making him hate everyone and everything.

His works though, particularly Atomised, have received high praise from the French literary intelligentsia, with generally positive international critical response, Having written poetry and a biography of the horror writer H.

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