Gilfredo Marengo, author of the book “La nascita di un’enciclica. Humanae vitae alla luce degli Archivi Vaticaniˮ (Birth of an encyclical. Humanae vitae is not a “pre-conciliar” encyclical, Bl. Paul VI did not develop The book “La nascita di un enciclica” (The Birth of an encyclical). Una ricerca storica sulla nascita di Humanae vitae – l’ultima enciclica di papa Paolo VI emanata il 25 luglio del – realizzata attraverso.

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De Nascende Prolis was mostly a clear and correct explanation of principles, while the Poupard — Martin draft took the perspective of the faithful that hoped from the Church for an interpretation of the moral law.

While the Church does indeed hand on to her children the inviolable conditions laid down by God’s law, she is also the herald of salvation and through the sacraments she flings wide open the channels of grace through which man is made a new creature vitxe in charity and true freedom to the design of his Creator and Savior, experiencing too the sweetness of the yoke of Christ.


The study of these documents lead Marengo to a final conclusion: It is also, and above all, an act of the free humanqe, whose trust is such that it is meant not only to survive the joys and sorrows of daily life, but also to grow, so that husband and wife become vihae a way one heart and one soul, and together attain their human fulfillment. Hanc quaestionem sic tantummodo dissolvi posse censemus, si rerum oeconomicarum et socialium progressiones cum singolorum civium tum universae humanae societatis servent et augeant veri nominis bona.

Also noteworthy is a new understanding of the dignity of woman and her place in society, of the value of conjugal love in marriage and the relationship of conjugal acts to this love. Verum huiusmodi disciplina, encicclica coniugum castimonia elucet, adeo eorum amori non obest, ut maiore eundem humanitatis sensu perfundat.

On ‘Humanae vitae’- Pope Paul VI did not act alone

A further question is whether, because people are more conscious today of their responsibilities, the time has not come when the transmission of life should be regulated by their intelligence and will rather than through the specific rhythms of their own bodies. Whoever really loves his partner loves not only for what he receives, but loves that partner for the partner’s own sake, content to be able to enrich the other with the gift of himself.

Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. If they further reflect, they must also recognize that an act of mutual love which impairs the capacity to transmit life which God the Creator, through specific laws, has built into it, frustrates His design which constitutes the norm of marriage, and contradicts the will of the Author of life.


In the light of these facts the characteristic features and humanze of married love are clearly indicated, and it is of the highest importance to evaluate them exactly. Similarly excluded is any action which either before, at the moment of, or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation—whether as an end or as a means.

Humanae Vitae (July 25, ) | Paul VI

Love is total — that very special form of personal friendship in which husband and wife generously share encicpica, allowing no unreasonable exceptions and not thinking solely of their own convenience. He did not want to suspend any doctrinal judgment, but in reaffirming the doctrine he also put at the center the pastoral method.

Enciclifa 27 March The documents include a series of drafts and instructions and also a never published encyclical draft, De nascendi proliswhich was overturned by a new draft, which ultimately became the final text of Humanae vitae.

Hac agendi ratione Ecclesia, Divini Salvatoris exemplo et doctrinae inhaerens, ostendit se sincero generosoque amora prosequi homines, quos inde ab hoc terrestri itinere iuvare contendit, ut non secus atque filii vitam Dei viventis, omnium hominum Patris, participent.

Egregiam pariter reverentiam praestamus medicis artisque salutaris ministris, qui, in suo quisque munere exsequendo, ea quae ab ipsis praecipua christianae vocationis ratio postulat, potius quam humanam quamlibet utilitatem, servare student. On the contrary, they are bound to ensure that what they do corresponds to the will of God the Creator. With regard to man’s innate drives and emotions, responsible parenthood means that man’s reason and will must exert control over them.

Rather must they, humble and persevering, have recourse to the mercy of God, abundantly bestowed in the Sacrament of Penance. Iidem sane, haec agentes, vere et omnino recti amoris testimonium praebent. Hence to use this divine gift while depriving it, even if only partially, of its meaning and purpose, is equally repugnant to the nature of man and of woman, and is consequently in opposition to the plan of God and His holy will.

The Papal Commission on Birth Control”. Quae coniugum fidelitas etsi interdum habeat difficultates, nemini tamen asseverare licet, eam non esse possibilem, cum contra quovis tempore nobilis sit meritisque uber. Abortioneven for therapeutic reasons, is absolutely forbidden, as is sterilizationeven if temporary. The very nature of marriage and its use makes His will clear, while the constant teaching of the Church spells it out.

Deus enim naturales leges ac tempora fecunditatis ita sapienter disposuit, ut eadem iam per se ipsa generationes subsequentes intervallent. It is not, then, merely a question of natural instinct or emotional drive. Whoever really loves his partner loves not only for what he receives, but loves that partner for the partner’s own sake, content to be able to enrich the other with the gift of himself. Etenim nostis tali vos obsequio devinciri non potius illis de causis, quae allatae sunt, quam ob Sancti Spiritus lumen, quo praecipue Ecclesiae Pastores in explananda veritate fruuntur.


Qui vero amoris coniugalis dono fruitur, leges conservans generationis, is non quidem dominum se confitetur fontium vitae, sed potius ministrum consilii a Creatore initi. And since in the attempt to justify artificial methods of birth control many appeal to the demands of married love or of responsible parenthood, these two important realities of married life must be accurately defined and analyzed.

Quaerunt insuper num, ob suorum officiorum conscientiam, qua hodie magis homines fruuntur, tempus iam ipsis advenerit, quo tradendae vitae munus potius rationi et voluntati suae, quam certis sui corporis vicibus, sit tribuendum.

As World Bank President Robert McNamara declared at the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group that countries permitting birth control practices will get preferential access to resources, doctors in La Paz, Boliviacalled it insulting that money should be exchanged for the conscience of a Catholic nation.

Dum moralem coniugii legem integram servat, Ecclesia probe novit vjtae adiutricem operam conferre ad verum civilem cultum enciclicca homines vitaae ac praeterea hominem incitat, ne se officiis suis abdicet, technicis artibus sese committens; quo fit, ut ipsa coniugum dignitatem in tuto ponat.

Item quivis respuendus est encicpica, qui, cum coniugale commercium vel praevidetur vel efficitur vel ad suos naturales exitus ducit, id tamquam finem obtinendum aut viam humanea intendat, ut procreatio impediatur. You can contribute so much to the preservation of morals.

Within two days of the encyclical’s release, a group of dissident theologians, led by Rev. Moreover, if one were to apply here the so called principle of totality, could it not be accepted that the intention to have a less prolific but more rationally planned family might transform an action which renders natural processes infertile into a licit and provident control of birth? Ex quo rerum statu novae se erumpunt quaestiones.

Only then will the expression of love, essential to married life, conform to right order. Responsible men can become more deeply convinced of the truth of the doctrine laid down by the Church on this issue if they reflect on the consequences of methods and plans for artificial birth control.

Hence We are deeply grateful to all those concerned.