Hurstbridge line. Local Train service operated by Metro Trains Melbourne. Telephone. Metro Trains Melbourne website · List of Metro. Hurstbridge Line. Timetables from Stations: Ivanhoe. Route Timetables. View timetable online. To City · To Hurstbridge. Map Data. Map data © Google. in a timetable update planned for August, but the other two services have been tied to the $ million duplication of the Hurstbridge line.

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Adding an extra lane for drivers heading east and providing safer and better access for joggers and cyclists. Stage 2 The second stage of this upgrade would include: The stabling siding at Victoria Park is only used between peaks during the day because it does not have security lighting.

hurstbrdge Greensborough services usually either stops all stations or runs express from Heidelberg to Greensborough, with one service also running express between Jolimont and Clifton Hill. This will allow trains to run every six and a half minutes at Greensborough, every 10 minutes at Eltham and Montmorency, and every 20 minutes at Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen — as well as two extra Hurstbridge express services.

Several hrain on the Hurstbridge line formerly had goods yards or sidings. Commuters on the Hurstbridge line will have more trains, more seats and fewer delays with a re-elected Andrews Labor Government to continue its massive upgrade of the Hurstbridge line.

Retrieved from ” https: A few months later, the line from Princes Bridge was electrified to Heidelberg, followed by electrification to Eltham in April and Hurstbridge in August Our contact centre operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Your help is much appreciated. This project also includes the construction of a new Rosanna station. Weekend services commenced through running to Hurstbridge in Timetwble If required, the latter section could be divided into two at Diamond Creek, to allow trains to cross at that station. In June the line between Ivanhoe and Heidelberg was duplicated and provided with automatic signalling.

Hurstbridge Line » Victoria / Melbourne Transport

Ttrain inner section of the line traverses heavily built-up suburbs, but the suburban environment is less dense between Clifton Hill and Greensborough. Duplication continued between Heidelberg and Macleod in Decemberexcept for a short section after Heidelberg where the line crosses a bridge then goes through a traih.


This will allow more trains to run more often. Removing bottlenecks on the Hurstbridge line and improving the frequency and reliability of services. All Eltham services stops all stations. Western Highway Upgrading Western Victoria’s key transport corridor, making journeys safer and quicker.

Macleod to Greensborough was duplicated and converted to automatic signalling in August If you find an error, or you know of a train, bus or ferry service not mentioned on this web site, help us keep up to date by emailing us, or messaging us on Twitter, or Facebook. We prefer a link to an on-line timetable provided by the operator if possible. All services run clockwise through the City Loop, except weekend traim morning services which runs direct to and from Flinders Street and originating and terminating at Hurstbridge.

Two extra weekday services have been added to the Hurstbridge line now the duplication is complete and the level crossings have been removed. Information on this website is provided for the purpose of initial journey planning only. At Greensborough, trains would run every six and a half minutes, every 10 minutes at Eltham and Montmorency, and every 20 timetabpe at Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen. Accessibility Disclaimer Privacy Copyright Sitemap.

Media Release Minister for Transport Infrastructure. Previously, weekend services between Eltham and Hurstbridge operated as a shuttle service, with passengers required to change trains at Eltham.

Timetable search

Work to duplicate a 1. There are no scheduled planned works at this time. Plans for the future include the duplication of track between Greensborough and Eltham Montmorency Station will be reconstructed.

It includes the only three tunnels on the suburban electrified system, other than the Melbourne City Loopalthough none of them are particularly long or deep. And the gates are gone Hurstbridge Line Upgrade.

There is a third tunnel just past Heidelberg station. All other services stops all stations.

Hurstbridge railway line – Wikipedia

The duplication also included a number of level crossing removals and a rebuilt Watsonia station. Beaufort Rail Bridge Strengthening We’re increasing the bridge’s capacity and extending its life for future generations.


The project also included the removal of level crossings on Grange Road in Alphington and Lower Plenty Road in Rosanna, in addition to building a new station at Rosanna. The short section between Clifton Hill and Westgarth, crossing timetbale moderately-deep valley of the Merri Creek, was duplicated in January One hursrbridge from Eltham and one service from Hurstbridge operate express tmetable Heidelberg to Jolimont, stopping at Ivanhoe and Clifton Hill.

Railway lines in Melbourne Railway lines opened in We depend on assistance from people like you to keep our details current, accurate and complete. A platform was not built on the loop untilrequiring trains to “set back” after using the platform in order to cross. This connection was opened at the same time.

Please observe any safety signage and huratbridge put in place by workers during construction. Register for notifications about the projects that matter to you. In the first few months ofthe staff systems and semaphore signals were replaced by electronic three-position coloured light signalling[2] controlled remotely from Epping. These single-track sections create bottlenecks at which trains must often wait for up to 10 minutes for an oncoming train before proceeding.

Stabling facilities are provided at Victoria Park accommodating two six-car trainsMacleod accommodating three six-car timetagleEltham accommodating five six car trainsand Hurstbridge accommodating five six-car trains. Two extra express services would also be added to the Hurstbridge line. Drysdale Bypass Improving safety and easing congestion through the centre of Drysdale.

Swan Street Bridge Upgrade Adding an extra lane for drivers heading east gurstbridge providing safer and better access for joggers and cyclists.

Here are the instructions for how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Plan your journey at ptv.