It is a customizable wholesale Mbps service offered to Intelsat partners that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment (Intelsat EpicNG and select wide beams). Intelsat 33e, also known as ISe, is a high throughput geostationary communications satellite operated by Intelsat and designed and manufactured by Boeing on the BSSMP platform. It is the second satellite of the EpicNG service, and will cover Europe, Africa. Built by Boeing and based on the award-winning Intelsat EpicNG design, Horizons 3e will bring high throughput satellite solutions in both.

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Is it behind schedule? Let the Campaign Begin! Intelsat 33e was designed and manufactured by Boeing on the Boeing MP satellite bus.

Intelsat EpicNG dpic a major design breakthrough for increased throughput and performance. Are they going after some of the same markets? WGS is up to 10 satellites in Ka-band.

Intelsat 33e

Higher performance through lower cost per-bit inetlsat our customers Open architecture, backward compatible and forward compatible, allowing ihtelsat to leverage their current network investments for easier implementation Freedom of choice for customers to develop the service offerings that meet their needs High reliability across all geographies and applications Multi-band, aligning the right frequency for the right application and region Fully integrated with our satellite and terrestrial infrastructure Q2: On the manufacturing side we are on schedule.

On August 24,at On July 22,Intelsat announced that Intelsat 33e eoic arrived to the Guiana Space Center for launch preparations. But for the moment Intelsat cannot point to an offsetting source of a revenue upswing before mid, when its first Epic high-throughput satellite will be launched.


Facebook may have a different view of the world. What is Intelsat Epic NG?

Intelsat’s EPIC Wager | SpaceNews Magazine

Its growth is probably going to need a catalyst like sports. Views Read Edit View history. The platform will support star and mesh topologies, offering customers better control over their network design.

There are certain things that need to happen. The same is true for MultiChoice on Intelsat By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies.

We are less than a year away from launch, and a year and a few months before getting it into service. That presents a real opportunity for our industry. We will look at the right frequency for the application. This is an exciting time in our industry.

Intelsat Touts Epic’s High Revenue Throughput Potential

It will provide high performance capacity to our customers with an architecture that gives them a greater level of control and freedom of choice over hardware and service attributes, allowing more opportunity to develop new service offerings and grow their businesses. Its payload is the second high throughput Epic NG deployment.

It is powered by two wings, with four panels each, of triple-junction GaAs solar cells. Home News Opinion Video. Yes, some will, but they will be coming over with the same competitive dynamic they have today.

And we will see growth in step functions as new capacity comes in. In our view it is a little further out before we see meaningful activity. One aspect of these constellations that I wonder about is how they can be commercially successful without maximizing the fill rate of the satellites. With Intelsat Epic NGthey will be able to source all of their capacity from a single satellite, reducing the complexity and simplifying operations.


Intelsat typically seeks an internal rate of return of between 15 and plus percent when it weighs a decision to build a new satellite, depending on whether it is a well-established, financially sound customer taking the capacity.

To start, the platform will be comprised of two Intelsat Epic NG -class satellites with expected in-service dates in and Our Customer Solutions team will work with customers closely to develop the optimal solution for their requirements. A couple of the proposed new Internet satellite constellations appear to be aimed at trunking services.

Have you got the co-passenger on the Ariane 5? We are the leader in satellite design and operations, and have incorporated spot beams and frequency reuse on our satellites for some time, including on the Intelsat 9 series.

Given our heritage in operating in C, Ku and Ka and our collection of orbital rights, Intelsat has a unique ability to deploy the spectrum based upon what is best suited to the application and customer. In the government sector we are looking more long-term.

Maybe, but there are different ways to get at that market. What is the status of the new-generation flat-panel antenna that Kymeta is developing for you? They should produce a commercial product epkc ? Do you buy that? Was there a big increase in high-definition penetration from the end of to the end of ?

In The News Farnborough Will my costs on these satellites be higher than they are on your current fleet?