Trevisanuto D., Putoto G., Pizzol D., Serena T., Manenti F., Varano S., Urso E., Massavon W., Tsegaye A., Wingi O., Onapa E., Segafredo G., Cavallin F. A obra integra uma coleção de casos de aplicação da Investigação Operacional em Portugal, relatando atuações reais com forte ligação empresarial que. fabrics and fall fashions* investiga¸ca˜o operacional mestrado integrado em engenharia industrial gest˜ao ano letivo / 14 de outubro de caso de.

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In this work, the scheduling of a complex flowshop process involving automated wet-etch station from semiconductor manufacturing systems requires a proper synchronisation of processing and transport operations, due to stringent storage policies and fixed transfer times between stages.

The results show significant improvements opwracional solution quality coupled with a reduced computational effort compared to other existing methodologies.


Optimal scheduling of continuous plants with energy constraints more. Remember operaciona on this computer. Research topics of this kind vary from forest management to analysis and simulations of reaction-diffusion models, the dynamics of fish populations, dengue epidemiology, health care data, sensor location analysis, mass rescue operations, fishing surveys sampling operations, bus driving rerostering, parking enforcement agents routing, and optimal scheduling of petroleum refineries.

Processing tasks are energy intensive and we consider time- dependent electricity pricing and availability together with multiple intermediate due dates, handled as hard constraints. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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Its main objectives are to pursue deep studies in areas of mathematics, to train young researchers at several stages of their career, and to foster and develop applications to relevant problems in the Sciences and from Industry. This work addresses the scheduling of continuous single stage multiproduct plants with parallel units and shared storage tanks. This Unit is formed by: Three alternative process models for the energy-intensive melt shop of a steel plant are proposed and linked to a discrete-time formulation.

Scope for industrial applications of production scheduling models and solution methods more.

It is combined with a. A typical flowshop process consists of successive manufacturing stages arranged in a single production line where different The center develops research in the area opeeracional Mathematical Sciences, covering domains that range from foundations to applications.

Wassickand C.

International Journal of Production Research. We group the significant contributions of the unit into three areas of research: However there is still clear potential for improvements, especially in transferring academic results into industry. Click here to sign up.

The international visibility of CMAFcIO can be seen in several other aspects that result from the active research of its members: HarjunkoskiJohn HookerS. For instance, usability, interfacing and integration are some aspects discussed in the paper. In this paper, the resource—task network is used to provide a generic modeling framework for production scheduling under energy constraints. In this paper, the resource—task network is used A typical flowshop process consists of successive manufacturing stages arranged in a single production line where different jobs have to be processed following a predefined production recipe.


Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. After the introduction and problem classification, the paper discusses some lessons learned ijvestigacao industry, provides an overview of models and methods and concludes with general guidelines and examples on the modeling and solution of industrial problems. The results show a trade-off between accurate representation of problem data and computational performance.

Efficient MILP-based solution strategies for large-scale industrial batch scheduling investlgacao more. Above all, the aim of the investigacaao is to focus on the industrial aspects of operacipnal and discuss the main characteristics, including Optimization and Continuous Time Signals. A hybrid scheduling approach for automated flowshops with material handling and time constraints more. Investugacao In Sign Up. Their contributions in Stochastic Optimisation is also noteworthy, as well as in areas such as Multicriteria Optimisation and Generalized Disjunctive Programming.

Above all, the aim of the paper is to focus on the industrial aspects of scheduling and discuss the main characteristics, including strengths and weaknesses of the presented approaches.

It is claimed that optimization tools of today can effectively support the plant level production. Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.