Portability Form Reason(s) for Portability: factors, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale • IRDA Registration. , FORM – IRDA – 5 – AF, Surveyor and Loss Assessor, APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF A LICENCE TO ACT AS SURVEYOR AND LOSS. the Insurance Act and Section 14 read with section 24 of the IRDA Act .. On receipt of the Portability Form, the insurance company shall address.

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Decoding traditional life insurance policies. Once satisfactory data is available, Company B will underwrite your policy and you will be a customer of B and carry forward all benefits from company A. Thus, with effect from 1 July the IRDA made the portability provision applicable in the health insurance category of the non-life segment. Portability ensures that the insurer does not take you for granted; you get better value for money.

From your perspective as a customer, you need to understand two major points from the above definition, and to realise how it applies to you.

Want to transfer your insurance policy? All you need to know – Business

Effective 01 Octoberhealth insurance has become portable and you are now free to move to another provider and carry along all the credits gained for having been loyal. However, the sales representative had guaranteed that last year’s papers rida enough ;ortability get the continuity benefits.

Thanks Varun, Find out on irda India website —. You approach company XYZ to transfer your policy and they would have said that you will be treated as a new policyholder. The insurance regulator is considering allowing life insurance policy holders to switch from one insurer to another without surrendering their existing policies and thus losing a portion of the premium paid.

Do not port for saving money on premium. This after being under coverage for nine consecutive years. This also includes the 30 day mandatory waiting period. Decide the insurer you want to port your policy to and have the required papers in place. Under current rules, such a transfer is not allowed. The draft guidelines say the insurer cannot force you to pay the whole year’s premium in such a case.


This may not suit everyone. In the application form, you need to specify the company to which your risk cover should be transferred. Portability is free of cost. Mon, May 08 IRDA Facilitation IRDA has created a web-based facility to get and maintain data about all health insurance policies issued by insurance companies to individuals so that it can be accessed by the new company to which a policyholder wishes to port his policy.

If policyholder fails to approach the new insurer at least 45 days before the premium renewal date. So, he tries to increase the cover while porting. This generally happens in cases where an individual with an adverse health declaration wants to enhance the cover,” says Shreeraj Deshpande of Future Generali.

That is, if the waiting period in the new policy is four years, and you are hospitalised in between for a pre-existing ailment, you’ll be eligible to claim only up to Rs 2 lakh. Employer group health policies can also be ported to an individual cover. In Octoberwebsites of health insurers flashed the new portability menu that promised customers the moon. The portability sum insured applicable for pre-existing diseases and other time-bound exclusions in the new policy will only be Rs 2 lakh, while the sum insured available otherwise will be Rs 3 lakh.

This shall be done through the web portal of the IRDA within 7 working days of the receipt of the Portability form. If there is no claim, there cannot be any dispute,” says Dahiya. The reason being, these treatments can be postponed for many days, and hence the insurance company would have individuals taking a policy just for claiming for such treatments.


Want to transfer your insurance policy? All you need to know

Step 5 Based on the data prtability on the web portal, the new insurance company will decide whether podtability accept the proposal and the price at which it will do so. You may carry forward the credits on the waiting period only, but you would have to comply with all the underwriting process and guidelines of the new insurance company. In such a case, apply to your insurer for paying premium for one-two months on a pro-rata basis portabilitty extend the cover till you get a nod from the other insurer.

In the past, if you shifted from one company to another, you were required to again do a premium paying term of four years to claim for PEDs.

In the past in health insurance policies, such a move resulted in your losing benefits like the waiting period for covering “Pre-existing Diseases”. Firstly let me take you through the background as in what was the need to introduce health insurance portability segment in India. If the family floater pkrtability a family member who is a senior citizen, then the amount of base cover may be reduced to a lower value by the insurer as compared to the original coverage amount that you were getting under group insurance.

However, the other insurer may reject your request in such a case. For one insurer, taking over the liability of another insurer for a customer is not easy since the portsbility style of underwriting varies.

He was not allowed risk cover on pre-existing conditions from the very first day of the policy as he foorm not transfer the credit regarding the pre-existing disease which he had gained under the previous insurance plan. Know the process of portability thoroughly to avoid these pitfalls.