Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August Following his . File:Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg Polski: Pierwsza strona relacji Jankiela Wiernika “Rok w Treblince” wydanej w Jankiel (or Yankel)-Yaakov Wiernik (in Hebrew: יעקב ויירניק; born , Biala Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg × ; KB.

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The Warsaw people were treated with exceptional brutality, the women even more harshly than the men.

The German staff suddenly felt the need for diversion and janiiel, since they had no other worries. Holocaust, Jewish — Poland — Personal narratives.

Year in Treblinka / Rok w Treblince

I was becoming impatient because I was unable to get in touch with Camp No. Then, one day, as I was busy working near the gate, I noticed quite a different spirit among the German garrison and the Ukrainian guards.

This wiernii is in the public domain because according to the Art. They had no more needs or desires. It was spotlessly clean and the discipline was extremely strict.

The Scharfuhrer “squad leader” Franz walked up to us, accompanied by his dog and a Ukrainian guard armed with a machine gun. She was beaten, bruised, spat upon, kicked and finally killed. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. A one-storied watchtower stood at the entrance of Camp No. Trsblince Ukrainians were furious.


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They smashed ever thing they could lay their hands on and broke open the chests with gold that stood in the corridor leading to the chambers. The Ukrainians noticed this and started to pursue her. A story that needs to be told I know but the details are gruesome for sure. This work brought continued physical and moral suffering to those who were forced to do it. Despite surviving the horrors of the ghetto at the advanced age of 52, he was sent to ro fate worse than death at the notorious death camp treblinde Treblinka, which he immortalized in his memoirs.

The camp was surrounded by several rows of fences and trenches. They barked orders which were obeyed as usual.

“A YEAR IN TREBLINKA”, , By Yankel Wiernik

His name was Franz. I knew suffering, brutal treatment and hunger, but I still did not realize that the hangman’s merciless arm was threatening all of us, our children, our very existence. During the day it was very hot and we were tortured by thirst. Wwiernik Scharfuhrer continued to beat us with whips and rifle butts at every step as we were being lined up.

Human life meant nothing to him, and to inflict death and untold torture was a supreme delight. About of us were picked from the group, lined up five abreast, marched away some distance and ordered to kneel. Until noon I suffered greatly from thirst. I love them as I do all of God’s creatures. However, the decision did not rest with me: An Inmate Who Escaped Tells the.


Jankiel Wiernik – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

I had left a packed knapsack and a pair of high boots at home, which I had prepared because of rumors that we were to be taken to the Ukraine and put to work there. Despite the large number of people, a deep quiet hung, like a pall over the crowd, which was seized with mute despair. They either stood motionless or pressed tightly against each other or against their parents, and tensely awaited their horrible end. During my first stay in Camp No.

After a number of corpses had accumulated, they were piled up and set on fire.

A portion of the area of Camp No. They were robots who performed their tasks as soon as some higher-up pressed a button. The Germans therefore decided that we were to work from 4 a.