Effortless Mastery has ratings and 74 reviews. David said: As a jazz pianist, this book was a paradigm changer. Kenny Werner goes beyond chops, the. Kenny Werner: Effortless Mastery In Motion jazz article by Dan Bilawsky, published on April 18, at All About Jazz. Find more DVD/Film. A concise, free and complete summary of “Effortless Mastery” – Kenny Werner’s bottleneck busting guide to mastering your craft by learning to.

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This may prove to be a flaw or drawback for some. For Pros Sign in or sign up to upload your events.

Book Summary: “Effortless Mastery”, Kenny Werner

I think it’s averagely-written. Jun 26, Guido rated it liked it. Film Reviews Open Land: That is when my brother-in-law surprised me with a copy of Effortless Mastery.

Dec 23, Dahn Jahn rated it it was amazing.

Elvin Jones – drums. Jan 29, Isaac rated it it was amazing. For me, it was a bit premature.

Do the kwnny described in the book daily, as the first thing effoortless the morning 2. In Februarya limited edition 20th anniversary edition was released, with additional content and a foil embossed cover. Its horrible and ridiculous.

Instead, focus on the next step, master it before moving on. Password Reset effprtless password. I just began to play and it happened. And on and on it goes. He presents these ideas in a way that can integrate spirituality and music together which gives my guitar-practice more meaning which I appreciate. Don’t rush through all the material to get through Eastern mindful approach to practice and performance of any craft really.

Another possible flaw or drawback one with which I find myself grappling is that Maestro Werner insists that each step of his Four Steps method MUST be mastered before moving on to werer next one while, as far as I can tell, providing no great clue as to how one can be certain this mastery has been achieved He DOES explain that mastering each step takes “as long as it takes” and that one should avoid placing any pressure– including the effortlese of a deadline– on oneself while mastering each step.


The purpose of the book is then not to inspire you to practice better, or to be happier, but, arguably, to completely rewire your brain.

Guidance to release youreself from your inhibitions regarding music, to allow yourself to share and improvise music. In that way, I am teaching my fingers to perform by themselves while I soar! Retrieved 6 January I am constantly reading this over and over. Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page. And from there I can feel very original improvisations beginning to emerge. Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues.

This book is not to be read by anyone who amstery skeptic about its messages and wants to see whether they will be convinced. But it is not good for creating. I did enjoy the book since much of it deals specifically with musical improvisation and I have been concentrating for the last couple of years on getting better at improvisation. Master Mastery – Kenny Werner I’ve wanted to experience this book for a while, i’ve heard good things.

Kenny Werner: Effortless Mastery In Motion

Dec 05, Luciano Ocampo Pelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Don’t let thinking fear, expectations etc get in the way. Retrieved 24 February I let go of needing to do things perfectly, and let my body dictate the appropriate adjustments to suit the medical conditions I live with.


At the same time, his advice on practicing is very good, focusing on “chipping away at your weak spots” instead of endless running through the parts of the material you find easy which is all too easy to do.

He has a cool way of approaching music as more of a spiritual practice; a path of mastery. Brasil had recently suffered a nervous breakdown from strenuous practicing, and taught Werner an exercise that his therapist had taught him.

Effortless Mastery – Wikipedia

Want to Read saving…. Reguarly practice good thought patterns – there are lots described in the book, e. It’s helped me more than anythingget out of the way of myself. If it’s difficult for you, you can’t let go and create. All in all, however, Effortless Mastery is an entertaining and illuminating read which should occupy a space on every artist’s bookshelf. Film Reviews Lajos Dudas: There is so much in this book that has changed my whole approach to performing and fffortless, but it’s not limited to musicians.

Jan 29, Sa’shel Del rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kenny’s techniques really help the process along. I don’t know that this applies to those people.

Basically the bottom line is: The author blithely talks how good you can be as a player — a fact that is not true for everyone who picks up an instrument.